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Slovak for you - a conversational phrasebook

Slovak for you - a conversational phrasebook - cover page

A conversational phrasebook was published in English, French and German languages. Below is information taken from its introduction and its contents.


You have in your hands a little guidebook that hopes to help every foreign visitor to Slovakia. You will find here some basic expressions and phrases that you might need in everyday situations. All phrases are divided into topics, so that you can easily find the required expression. This guidebook contains the most common sentences and likely answers used most often by tourists.

The guidebook is arranged into sixteen chapters, some of which are arranged into subchapters. At the end of each chapter you can find a short vocabulary with expressions based on the theme of the chapter. In some cases you will also find a pronunciation of the word [in square brackets]. Every chapter has a heading so you can quickly find the phrase you need.

You will need to know something about the Slovak language if you want to use this guidebook. There is no discussions of Slovak grammar, (besides some examples at the cover of the booklet - notice by Panorama.sk). You will only find here sentences, questions and possible answers. We believe that this is the best way for you to become familiar with Slovakia, its life, its history and its people.


Introduction 7
On Pronunciation 8 · Additional notes on pronunciation 9
1. Basic expressions and phrases 11
2. Greetings and polite phrases 13
3. Public notices 15
4. Introductions 17
5. General data 18
Cardinal numbers 15 · Ordinal numbers 19 · Fractions 20 · Time expressions 20 ·
Parts of the day 23 · Days of the week 23 · The months 24 · The seasons 24 · Measures and weights 25 · Currency 27 · Weather 27 · Colours 28
6. At the customs 29
7. Accommodation 32
8. Travelling 37
Train 37 · Coach 42 · Airplane 43 · Boat, ferry 34 46 · Car 48
9. At the restaurant 55
10. In the town 60
Traffic 60 · Bank 63 · Post office 64 · Phone 65
11. At the doctor's 67
Diseases 68 · Parts of the body 70 · Medicine and medical devices 71
12. At the police 73
13. Shopping 75
Stores 76 Foods 77 · Clothes 82 · Shoes 83 · Toilet accessories 83 · Accessories 84 · Smooking supplies 85
14. Looking for a job 87
15. Services 90
16. Entertaiment, sports 92

More information:

Books about Slovakia in German language and dictionaries – Die Bücher über die Slowakei in Deutsch

A Conversational Phrasebook Slovak For You - sold out
Price: EUR 3.22
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Category: Slovak Language, Textbooks
Published by: Priroda, s.r.o.
Edition 2.
Published in 2004.
ISBN: 80-07-01250-8
96 pp.
Dimensions: 10.50 x 14.50 cm
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