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Beckov Castle

The Beckov Castle

The Beckov Castle lies on a 60 meters high limestone rock above the Beckov village. You can see it from a car at the highway in direction Bratislava - Trencin. When autoroute D1 passes Nove Mesto nad Vahom turn right and then left to the Beckov village. It is about 100 kilometers from Bratislava.

Beckov - castle

This huge limestone castle rock is a favorite site for climbers.

According to an old legend duke Stibor had built the castle as a reward for his clawn.

Beckov Castle

The first written records about the castle dates back to 1208. It was a frontier- guarding royal castle. Through 13th – 16th centuries it was rebuilt frequently. After fire in 1729 the castle was no longer in use. The castle ruins were reconstructed, strengthened and opened for the public in late 90-ties.

There is a little open-air museum near the castle.

Another museum - Museum of Beckov history is placed in the mansion of Ambrovec in the village. There are written records about several important Slovak and Hungarian personalities who were born in Beckov (Jozef Miroslav Hurban, Slovak writer, editor and leader of the Slovak national movement of 1848, painter Ladislav Mednansky, geologist Dionyz Stur and other personalities).

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Dakujem autorovi clanku o Beckove a zvlast stlpceku o ZaHradnych dejinach. Som rad, ze sa Vam u nas a v Beckove pacilo. O to mi islo a vzdy aj pôjde. Dakujem. Startujeme znova na Velku noc. Dufam, ze nas navstivi zase viac ako šesťtisíc ludi.

Vami spropagovany drzitel zlateho vercajku a boric mytov o bolesti z prace.


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Published: 2007-05-04
Updated: 2007-05-04

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