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Meander Park Thermal - Oravice


Meander Park Thermal - Oravice

Useful facts

The Meander Park Resort is located in the region – Orava - the West Tatras Mountains, next to the Polish border, close to the Zakopane city.

The healing thermal water has temperature 58°C and files up all the pools located in the Meander Park thermal resort. The thermal water is mineral-rich sodium–calcium–magnesium with a high content of iron.

The direct entrance to the indoor and outdoor pools allows bathing in any weather or any season. There is 1545 m2 of pools at the beginning of 2014.

There are restaurants, espresso bar, coffee lounge, large sports bathing pool, large and small relaxation pools, chilling bath, massages in the park area. The pools are equipped with water attractions such as artificial water waves, swimming part, sparkling seats and benches, whirlpools, geyser, water mushroom, water shots, massage jets and terrace with sunbathing couches.

Contact: (++421) (43) 53 94 107

Meander Park website:

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Published: May 21, 2008
Updated: January 25, 2014
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