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The Slovak National Museum in Bratislava

The Slovak National Museum

The Slovak National Museum is the top state collection, scientific-research and cultural-education establishment in the field of museological activity in the Slovak Republic. In the field of its cultural-education function it presents the collections by means of permanent exhibitions at home and abroad and also realizes other forms of museological communication. The SNM carries out all these and other tasks by means of its directorate and 16 specialized museums, which are documentary, scientific-research and methodological workplaces for the field of museological documentation in the framework of their specialization. The main building of the Slovak National Museum is at the Vajanskeho nabrezie embankment No 2.

Giraffe in Slovak National Museum in Bratislava

Expositions of the SNM in Bratislava

The Natural Science Museum is focused on the research, documentation and presentation of the diversity and development of the living and non-living natural environment, in particular within Slovakia. It is a central methodological workplace with a nationwide scope. Through its collections (of approx. 2.4 million objects) it ranks among the most important natural science museums in Europe. The acquisition activities of the museum are focused primarily on the territory of Slovakia. Collections are provided to the professional public for scientific study and are presented to the general public by means of exhibitions, lectures, monographies, publication outputs in the professional and daily press, radio and television. The Natural Science Museum is seated in the main building of the Slovak national Museum on the Vajanského nábrežie embankment no. 2.

Opening Hours: Tu - Su 09:00 - 17:00


Permanent exhibitions:

The Miracle of Nature: Biological Diversity of the Slovakia - exhibition open in December 2010.

The Miracle of Nature: Biological Diversity of the Earth

Treasures of the Earth - Through the 1100 samples, the Mineralogical exposition presents of about 700 kinds of minerals from Slovak and foreign localities.

The History of Life on the Earth - Exhibition is closed because of reconstruction.

Museum of Archeology SNM

The Archaeological Museum is a specialized museological workplace with a nationwide scope. It is focused on the acquisition, recording, restoration, preservation, presentation and publishing of archaeological findings in the territory of Slovakia from primeval ages until the peak of the medieval times. The richly represented collections of the Archaeological Museum have a vast number of valuable findings from various areas of Slovakia, from the primeval ages to modern times, originating mainly from the museum’s own archaeological research. The Archaeological Museum is seated in the Renaissance Kamper Mansion at Zizkova Street 12.

Opening Hours: Tu - Su 09:00 - 17:00

Exhibit of the Archeological Museum

According to present knowledge it was half a million years ago as the man came for the first time to the territory of today’s Slovakia. The knowledge of people and events that preceded the general spread of written records are usually obtained through archeological research. Just thank to 150-years long work of archaeologists is it possible to present the exhibition The Oldest History of Slovakia, which comprises a time span from the Old Stone Age up to the end of Middle Ages. However, archaeological funds bring information not only on craftsmen’s skill but also on social organization and to certain degree also on spiritual life of our ancestors. can anytime complete, correct or even the present knowledge.

Another permanent exhibition of the Archeological Museum is Lapidarium- an exhibition of stone artefacts from Roman times to the late Middle Ages.

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 - 17:00 (except Tuesday.) Expositions take place at the Kamper Mansion, Zizkova 12 Street.

Museum of History and Culture of Croatians in Slovakia SNM

Museum of History and Culture of Croatians in Slovakia is at the Istrijska Stret in Devinska Nova Ves. Devinska Nova Ves is very old village. It was formally made into an urban district of Bratislava in 1972. Nevertheless, traces of old folklore, first of all Croatian (Croats settled here in 18th C, when fleeing before the Ottoman Turkish invasion) are still visible.

Opening Hours: Mo - Fri 10:00 – 16:00

It is possible to arrange a visit for groups on Saturdays and Sundays: (++421) (2) 64761087

Museum of Jewish Culture SNM

The Museum of Jewish Culture began to be formed at the premises of the Historical Museum of the Slovak National Museum as a Department of Jewish Culture and in 1994 it became an independent specialised museum of the SNM with a nationwide scope. Its activities are focused on the development of spiritual and material Jewish culture and documenting the Holocaust in Slovakia. The endeavour for the targeted collection activities is to preserve against destruction, overlooking or exporting abroad three-dimensional Judaica, documents or artefacts of arts and sculpture and to present them to the general visiting public in the form of exhibitions. The Museum of Jewish Culture is seated at Vajanskeho nabrezie embankment no. 2, the permanent Bratislava exhibition is situated in the premises of Zsigray mansion on Zidovska ulica street 17, other exhibitions are in Presov, Zilina and Trnava.

Opening Hours: Su - Fr 10:00 - 17:00

The Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia SNM

The Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia is a specialised museum of the Slovak National Museum with a nationwide scope and which is focused on the history and culture of Hungarians in Slovakia. The mission of the museum is to purposefully acquire, preserve and protect, scientifically and professionally process and display the museum’s collections, documenting the history and development of the material and spiritual culture of the Hungarian ethnic minority in Slovakia. It is seated in the premises of the reconstructed Brämer manor-house at Zizkova street no. 8 where its exhibition can be also seen. The museum has satellite exhibitions in Dolna Strehova and Sklabina.

Opening Hours: Tu - Su 10:00 - 17:00

The Museum of Carpathian German Culture SNM

The Museum of Carpathian German Culture was formed, similarly as with all minority museums, in the womb of the Historical Museum of the SNM. In 1997 it became independent and has operated as a specialized museums with nationwide scope. It is a documentary, scientific-research and methodological museum workplace focused on the history and culture of Carpathian Germans from their arrival to Slovakia up to the present. The museum collects, protects, professionally processes and presents material documents related to its profile. The collections cover all fields of life of Carpathian Germans – clothing, textiles, domestic and craft production, industrial products, works of art, sacral objects, etc. The museum is situated in the reconstructed building at Zizkova street no. 14, where, besides offices and collection storage rooms, an exhibition documenting the almost 900-year long history and culture of Germans in Slovakia can be seen. Another exhibition in Nitrianske Pravno is oriented on the history and culture of Hauerland.

Opening Hours: Tu - Su 10.00 - 16.00

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