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Patients harmed by surgeon 'playing God'
Ian Paterson conducted "extensive, life-changing operations for no medically-justifiable reason". (BBC News)
Debbie Douglas on her breast surgeon Ian Paterson
Debbie Douglas speaks about surgeon Ian Paterson, who's guilty of intentionally wounding patients. (BBC News)
North Korea crisis: North 'test-fires ballistic missile'
North Korea test-fires a ballistic missile, the South Korean military says. (BBC News)
Westminster terror suspect identified
The man held on Thursday is former London schoolboy Khalid Mohamed Omar Ali, the BBC understands. (BBC News)
Willesden shooting: Police foil 'active terror plot'
A 21-year-old woman is shot by police, and six people are arrested, as part of an anti-terror operation. (BBC News)
Joshua and Klitschko weigh in
Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko face off ahead of Saturday's heavyweight boxing showdown. (BBC News)
Mike Samwell car theft death: Man charged with murder
Ryan Gibbons, 29, is also accused of burglary after ex-Royal Navy officer Mike Samwell was killed. (BBC News)
US growth rate hits three-year low
President Trump faces a greater challenge in meeting his growth pledge after weak data. (BBC News)