Slovak Spectator

Government repeated the same lies in 2016
The number of lies stated by top politicians increased in 2016, according to a survey. (Slovak Spectator)
The last astronaut on the Moon dies
Astronaut Eugene Cernan was of Slovak and Czech origin. (Slovak Spectator)
Famous owner of healthy food plant will challenge Kotleba
Ján Lunter may fight with at least three other candidates. (Slovak Spectator)
Bus drivers threaten with strike
Trade unions call for higher wages. (Slovak Spectator)
Slovakia is unable to attract talents
The country dropped in an international ranking of talent competitiveness, though it has more potential. (Slovak Spectator)
Slovak diplomat gets an important Council of Europe post
The new head of the Council of Europe’s Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected to help improve the situation in the country. (Slovak Spectator)
Fico: OECD will conduct audit of anti-corruption legislation in Slovakia
The audit is designed to determine whether anti-corruption legislation is effective and standard, and whether it could pose an obstacle to economic growth. (Slovak Spectator)
Citizenship Act has deprived almost 1,650 people of Slovak passport
All attempts to mitigate the questionable act have failed so far. (Slovak Spectator)