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Forces push into western part of ISIL-held Mosul
Troops take Gawsaq and reach strategic Fourth Bridge as ISIL fights back with anti-tank missiles and suicide car bombs. (Al Jazeera)
Abu Sayyaf video 'shows beheading of German hostage'
Philippine army working to confirm reports that Abu Sayyaf fighters beheaded a German man they had seized in November. (Al Jazeera)
Syria's war: 'Hope is all I have'
A Syrian freelancer who lost his leg during a gun battle between rebels and regime forces shares his story of hope. (Al Jazeera)
Abbas: Defend two-state-solution for a Palestine state
UNHRC member states told Israel moving towards 'apartheid solution' and cautioned against moving embassies to Jerusalem. (Al Jazeera)
Palestinian diaspora create new political entity
Conference organisers establish new group to represent diaspora communities and strive for greater Palestinian rights. (Al Jazeera)
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Senior Taliban leader killed in Kunduz air raid
Taliban confirms Mullah Abdul Salam Akhund's death, saying he was killed by a US bombing raid in Afghan province. (Al Jazeera)
Blast near Mogadishu hours after al-Shabab vows attack
Explosion hits close to army checkpoint after al-Shabab threatens attacks against new president, Mohamed Abdullahi. (Al Jazeera)