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Police respond to reports of explosion in Manhattan
Police tell Al Jazeera they are responding to reports of explosion at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, near Times Square. (Al Jazeera)
Covering Yemen: Saleh, Saudi and the media
A look at the complex layers in reporting on the Yemen conflict from a regional and international perspective. (Al Jazeera)
Is Saudi move to open cinemas a step to new freedom?
Analysts raise concerns over censorship as kingdom moves to end 35-year ban on movie theatres. (Al Jazeera)
Trump Jerusalem move hinders US interests in the region
Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital will further isolate the US from the rest of the world. (Al Jazeera)
Anger as 'This is Bahrain' delegation visits Israel
Social media users take to Twitter and decry Bahrain group's visit to Israel amid ongoing protests over Jerusalem. (Al Jazeera)
Putin orders beginning of withdrawal from Syria
In surprise visit to airbase in Syria, Russian president orders his troops to start pulling out of the war-torn country. (Al Jazeera)
The Nobel Interview: Beatrice Fihn of ICAN
Al Jazeera's exclusive interview with the director of the anti-nuclear campaign that won the Nobel Peace Prize. (Al Jazeera)
Severe weather hits Europe
Damaging winds and heavy snow cause widespread disruption. (Al Jazeera)