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North Korea test fires unidentified missile, says Seoul
South Korean news agency says unidentified missile fired from site in the vicinity of Bukchang. (Al Jazeera)
Turkey says 11 Syrian Kurds killed in border clash
Turkish army says YPG fighters fired rockets across the border, prompting retaliation by Turkish forces. (Al Jazeera)
FIFA suspends audit official Richard Lai over bribery
Guam football chief Richard Lai, who is a US citizen, pleaded guilty to taking close to $1m in bribes. (Al Jazeera)
What can Pope Francis achieve in Egypt?
Pontiff says his trip to Egypt where Orthodox Christians are increasingly targeted is journey of "unity and fraternity". (Al Jazeera)
Mourade Zeguendi shuns Brian De Palma 'terrorist' role
Belgian of Moroccan origin Mourade Zeguendi announces refusal to be typecast by Brian De Palma as a Molenbeek fighter. (Al Jazeera)
Have settlements killed a two-state solution?
Israeli diplomat Dani Dayan defends settlement building, and Nelson Mandela's granddaughter denounces the ANC. (Al Jazeera)
Palestinian 'day of rage' in support of prisoners
Palestinians across occupied territories protest in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners. (Al Jazeera)
Europe's nationalist international
Europe's far-right groups and ideologues have long been collaborating across national borders to further their agendas. (Al Jazeera)