Natalie Imbruglia Concert In Budapest, 2 May
Platinum-selling artist Natalie Imbruglia has announced she is heading out on an international tour this spring. The three-time Grammy nominee will be playing smaller venues for a more intimate, acoustic tour to show her appreciation to her fans who continue to support her year after year. (XpatLoop.com)
New Cold Record Set For April 20
A record cold temperature for this day in Hungary was broken in the northern village of Kékestető, as the mercury dipped to -3 C, the national meteorological service said. The last time it got nearly this cold on April 20 was 1969 when 0.2 C. was recorded, also in Kékestető. (XpatLoop.com)
Government Office Chief: Hungary Won’t Leave EU
Hungary does not intend to leave the EU but wants structural changes so all members can thrive, government office chief János Lázár told a conference. Speaking at the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF), Lázár called Brexit a “historic mistake” that might nevertheless open new avenues to structural changes in EU integration. Hungary and the other members of the Visegrad Four group agree that this should be done along the lines of national interests, he said. (XpatLoop.com)
Szijjártó Calls For EU-UK Trade Deal
The EU should negotiate “the broadest possible” free trade agreement with the United Kingdom, while the UK should stay a part of Europe’s security and defence systems, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said after meeting David Davis, UK secretary of state for exiting the European Union, in Budapest. Szijjártó also called for a “fair” Brexit agreement, one which enforces both European and British interests. (XpatLoop.com)
US Studies Research Centre Opens At Nat Public-Service University
Budapest’s National Public Service University officially opened a US Studies Research Centre at its Faculty of International and European Studies. Speaking at the opening ceremony, US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires David J. Kostelancik said the US is interested in strengthening both its economic and security relations with Hungary in the long term. (XpatLoop.com)
Origo Staff Members Resign In Protest
The entire technology division, the head of the successful gastronomy section, a photo editor and several economic, political and sports journalists have either left or been sacked by origo.hu website. (XpatLoop.com)
Gross Wages Climb 10.7% In February
The average gross wage in Hungary rose by 10.7% year-on-year to 274,800 forints (EUR 848) in February, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said. Net wages grew at the same rate as gross wages, also climbing by 10.7% to 182,700 forints (EUR 582.9). (XpatLoop.com)
Home-Birth Midwife Geréb’s Sentence Reduced
The Budapest Court of Appeals on Thursday reduced a two-year prison sentence of Ágnes Geréb, an obstetrician and midwife sentenced in connection with home births, to a 5-year suspended prison sentence. (XpatLoop.com)