UNESCO - Listed Buso Festival Begins In Mohács
The popular end-of-winter Buso festival, a registered UNESCO cultural heritage event, began in Mohács, in southern Hungary, featuring around 1,300 Buso people wearing traditional wooden masks and sheepskin costumes marching in the city over the next six days. (XpatLoop.com)
Second Fence To Be Built Along Hungary-Serbia Border
The government has decided to build a “secondary line of defence” along Hungary’s fence on its southern border with Serbia, János Lázár, government office chief told his weekly press briefing. Lázár argued that a “significant number” of illegal migrants could arrive in Hungary in 2017. (XpatLoop.com)
Momentum: Govt “Betrays” Advocates Of Olympic Referendum
The government has “betrayed” those who supported a local referendum to be held on Budapest’s plan to host the 2024 Olympic Games by proposing the bid’s withdrawal, the civil Momentum Movement, the proponent of the referendum, said. “It is regrettable that the government ... has betrayed 266,000 people by withdrawing the bid.” (XpatLoop.com)
EU Has No Legal Means To Ensure Uniform Quality Of Food Products, Says Commissioner
Community law has no provisions under which the European Union could prosecute food producers distributing different quality goods under the same brand in different member states, daily Magyar Idők cited the EU’s commissioner for food safety as saying. (XpatLoop.com)
Dollar & Thrifty Team Up With Hertz In Hungary
From the 24th of February 2017, the operator of the Hertz Franchisee in Hungary will also be the proud representative of the Dollar and Thrifty brands here as well, alongside the Hertz brand. (XpatLoop.com)
Xpat Review: Costes Downtown Biz Lunch
Just like you, most probably, I find some high-end restaurants a tad stuffy sometimes. You know when you’re not sure whether to have the sparkling or still water without upsetting the waiter. Well rest assured the staff at the sister restaurant of Costes are very easy-going, as well as knowledgeable and prompt, and thankfully the food lives up to the Michelin-starred reputation. (XpatLoop.com)
Budapest Withdraws 2024 Olympics Bid
The government has passed a resolution in which it proposes that the City of Budapest and the Hungarian Olympic Committee should withdraw Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, the prime minister’s cabinet office said. (XpatLoop.com)
Coming Up: Kitchen Show, Budapest Aréna, 3 – 5 March
At Hungary's 'Kitchen Show 2017' guests may find their 'perfect kitchen' – including kitchen and dining room furniture, appliances, and equipment to enable the joy of cooking. Over 100 exhibitors and day-long cooking shows await visitors at the Sportaréna during the first weekend in March. (XpatLoop.com)