Deputy PM Semjén: Fidesz Benefits From Its Own Changes To Election Law
Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén (Christian Democratic People’s Party, KDNP) gave a rare interview to pro-government daily Magyar Idők Thursday, where he said that beginning in the autumn, the Fidesz-KDNP 2018 election campaign would “become ecstatic.” Semjén promised that the stakes of the election for the opposition parties would be “their mere survival.” (XpatLoop.com)
Hungary Among 29 Countries To Sign Declaration On Autonomous Vehicles In EU
Hungary is among 29 countries to have signed a memorandum of understanding on working together to ensure there are no obstacles to introducing autonomous vehicles in the European Union, a government official said on Thursday. (XpatLoop.com)
Hungarian Singer Presser Reaches Settlement With American Rapper
Singer-songwriter Gábor Presser has reached an out-of-court agreement with American rapper Kanye West over the use of his song “Gyöngyhajú lány” (The Girl with the Pearly Hair), a 1969 hit for the rock group Omega. (XpatLoop.com)
Magyar Telekom Warns Of Scam
Magyar Telekom has warned customers about a scam on a post on Facebook. Fraudsters are calling people in the name of the company offering them prizes providing that they make a payment to a given telephone number. (XpatLoop.com)
Now On: Avars Revived Exhibition, Hungarian National Museum
Peoples migrating over enormous geographical distances, the rise of new religious ideologies, the transformation of political and social systems – early medieval Europe is not nearly as far from our present days, as we may think. This is what brought the European Union project entitled Connecting Early Medieval Collections (CEMEC) to life. (XpatLoop.com)
Hungary Marks Rákóczi Anniversary
House Speaker László Kövér attended a ceremony to mark the birth anniversary of Ferenc Rákóczi II, leader of Hungary’s anti-Habsburg freedomfight between 1703-1711, at Rákóczi’s birthplace in Borsi, in south Slovakia. (XpatLoop.com)
‘National Consultation’ Questionnaires Soon To Be Posted To Households
The government will send questionnaires to households next week in its next round of public surveys, dubbed national consultations, aimed at “protecting Hungary’s borders and preventing immigration”, state secretary Csaba Dömötör told a press conference. (XpatLoop.com)
Government Urges Heineken To Resolve Trademark Dispute With Csíki Brewery Through Talks
The Hungarian government urges Heineken to resolve its trademark dispute with the ethnic Hungarian Csíki Brewery in Romania through talks, government office chief János Lázár said after visiting the brewery in Sansimion (Csíkszentsimon) in central Romania. (XpatLoop.com)