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Polish cyclists first and second in Tour de France time trial stage
Poland’s Maciej Bodnar on Saturday became the third Pole to claim a stage victory in the iconic Tour de France cycling race. (Polskie Radio)
Thousands protest judicial changes amid political storm
Thousands took to the streets across Poland on Saturday night to protest the Senate's green light for legislation to overhaul the country’s Supreme Court, amid a political storm over the judiciary. (Polskie Radio)
How judges are selected across Europe
Does Poland's judicial reform really undermine the separation of powers? Here’s how judges are selected across Europe. (Polskie Radio)
Hungarian PM vows support for Warsaw against Brussels
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Saturday announced that his government would support Poland in a political battle against Brussels, which has threatened sanctions against Warsaw. (Polskie Radio)
Polish foreign ministry says US administration statement ‘premature’
The Polish foreign ministry on Saturday said it was “surprised that the US State Department spokesperson has taken a public position regarding pending legislation in Poland”. (Polskie Radio)
Investors unfazed by Polish legal overhaul: Finance Minister
The latest dispute over contentious legal changes in Poland has not harmed the country’s investment appeal, Finance Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has suggested. (Polskie Radio)
Polish ruling party consolidates lead despite protests: poll
Poland’s ruling conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party is backed by 37 percent of voters who say they would take part in parliamentary elections, according to the latest survey by IBRiS. (Polskie Radio)
Polish senators approve legal changes amid protests
Polish senators have green-lighted controversial legal changes under which judges on the country’s Supreme Court can be forced to retire. (Polskie Radio)