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Stefan Sutkowski, founder of Warsaw Chamber Opera, dies
Stefan Sutkowski, one of the most prominent personalities on the Polish music scene of the past six decades, died in Warsaw, Saturday, at the age of 85. (Polskie Radio)
Growing number of Poles helping Syrians as part of Christian charity
A growing number of Poles are ready to help families in war-torn Syria as part of a campaign run by Caritas Polska, the Polish arm of the international Catholic charity organisation. (Polskie Radio)
US Ambassador: we don't see anything more we can do about Smolensk investigation
The US doesn't see how more it can help Warsaw in the investigation of the presidential plane crash in Smolensk, western Russia, US ambassador to Poland Paul W. Jones has said. (Polskie Radio)
Paul Ryan: US shares Poland's concerns about Russian aggression
President Andrzej Duda on Friday met US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, who said that the US shares “Poland's concerns about Russian aggression”. (Polskie Radio)
Poland recovers artwork looted in World War II
The canvas “Ships in a Rough Sea” by the Dutch artist Simon de Vlieger (1601-1653) has been returned to the National Museum in Warsaw. (Polskie Radio)
S&P keeps Poland’s rating, outlook unchanged
Rating agency Standard and Poor's has kept Poland’s rating unchanged at BBB+ and the country's outlook at “stable”. (Polskie Radio)
Acclaimed Polish artist Abakanowicz dies
Internationally-acclaimed Polish sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz has died at the age of 86. (Polskie Radio)
Polish MPs approve clampdown on drug cheats
Polish MPs on Friday unanimously approved government plans to clamp down on drug cheats in sport. (Polskie Radio)