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Canoe Trip on the Danube River: Hainburg - Devin - Bratislava

The Devin Castle  - a view from canoe on the Danube River
The Devin Castle - a view from canoe on the Danube River. Author / source: Vlado Bibel.

Canoe trip on the Danube River from Hainburg to the Karloveske Rameno Branch in Bratislava. From canoe you can observe ruins of the Rothelstein Castle in Austria, and the Devin Castle in Slovakia.

How it works: We meet at a boathouse in Karlova Ves. We pick up participants and travel by a coach to Hainburg in Austria (about 25 minutes), where our starting point is. Then we paddle down the Danube River to Karlova Ves. Canoeing takes from one to one and half hour.

If you are not experienced canoe rider, we put two canoe together and create a safe catamaran. Other option is a rafting boat for up to 8 people.
Included is a paddle, life saving jacket, a guide, transfer from the boathouse in Bratislava to Hainburg. We can provide transfer directly from the hotel.

Cyclo-paddle tour

To Hainburg by bike, from Hainburg to Bratislava with a canoe or with a rafting boat.

A map of our starting point in Hainburg:

The Danube River and the Devin Castle

Published: 2011-07-05
Updated: 2011-07-05

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