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Rishi Sunak refuses to commit to pre-election tax cuts
The PM says his focus is easing living costs, amid Tory unrest on day one of the party's conference.

M53 bus crash student was warm-hearted and wonderful, family says
Jessica Baker, 15, and driver Stephen Shrimpton died when the school coach overturned.

Spain: Nightclub fire kills 13 in Murcia
Authorities declare a mourning period for victims of a blaze that engulfed three clubs.

Katherine Ryan: Difficult choice to work with dangerous comic
Comedian Katherine Ryan tells Radio 4 it was a difficult decision to work with a man she considered "dangerous".

Europe regain Ryder Cup with win over United States on dramatic day in Rome
England's Tommy Fleetwood secures the winning point as Europe regain the Ryder Cup in dramatic fashion in Rome.

Sapling at Sycamore Gap removed by National Trust
Kieran Chapman says he's "devastated" a sapling he planted near the much-loved felled tree has been removed.

Biden vows to stand by Ukraine, despite budget fiasco
US support "cannot be interrupted" after military aid was excluded from a budget deal.

Comedian Culshaw impersonates Sunak, Starmer and Brian Blessed
The comedian was on Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg, so Laura asked him to do some impressions.

Dame Helen Mirren speaks of 'delicate balance' in playing Golda Meir
The Oscar-winning actor has faced criticism for playing Israel's first female PM Golda Meir in a new film.

Jake Abraham: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels actor dies aged 56
The actor was best known for his roles in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Channel 4 drama GBH.

Sheffield Wednesday fans donate over Bradley Lowery 'mockery'
Two men are in custody after supporters appeared to taunt opposing fans with a picture of Bradley.

'I had to live in a two-bed flat with 20 other men' - student
Nazmush Shahadat was accepted on to a UK university course but he couldn't find a house to live in.

Turkey: Two officers injured in blast outside interior ministry
Kurdish militants say they carried out the attack in which one man blew himself up.

Shoplifter: Police need to stop people like me
A persistent shoplifter says stealing is easy and that police could do more to stop people like her.

Russia police crisis: Burned out, disappointed and demoralised
Russia's police force is in crisis, with officers are quitting to become taxi-drivers and couriers.

Bears versus robot wolves in ageing Japan
As bear attacks rise in Japan's sparsely populated villages, robot wolves have become a solution.

Linda Sharp: The pioneer woman surfer in a sea of men
Linda Sharp made her own wetsuit out of rubber gloves, a rugby shirt and jeans when she started.

Yury Garavsky: Swiss trial acquits man who admitted abducting Belarus politicians
A Belarusian is released despite giving a detailed account of disappearing opposition members.

Covid inquiry: What is it investigating and how does it work?
The second round of public hearings examining the UK's handling of the pandemic starts on 3 October.

Your pictures on the theme of 'my garden'
A selection of striking images from our readers around the world.

Croydon: Community remembers 'amazing' Elianne Andam
About 350 people gathered on Sunday to remember the 15-year-old schoolgirl who was fatally stabbed.

Rouen fire: Major fire breaks out in French city
A huge fire tears through two disused buildings in the French city, with flames and smoke rising high into the sky.

Vivienne Westwood's own wardrobe raided to be used in Paris catwalk show
Vivienne Westwood's widower chose clothes she wore and made over 30 years for the brand's new collection.

Iceland boss quits Tories labelling party 'out of touch'
Richard Walker had tried to become a Tory MP but has quit the party on the eve of the annual conference.

Last supermoon of the year captured on camera
Space enthusiast in Kathmandu, Nepal and the US state of Colorado filmed the spectacle.

Winter warning as new energy price cap comes in
The annual energy bill for a typical household falls on Sunday but is high by historical standards.

Ban on single-use plastic cutlery comes into force in England
Polystyrene cups and balloon sticks are also banned in England as part of efforts to cut waste.

Brexit: NI secretary believes unionist concerns can be addressed
Chris Heaton-Harris addresses unionist concerns as a new system for post-Brexit trade is implemented.

Glastonbury Festival 2024 tickets rise to £360
The South West event is considerably more expensive than other festivals that have released prices.

Bradley Lowery: Two held over 'taunts' aimed at Sunderland fans
South Yorkshire Police say the arrests are part of its investigation into alleged public order offences.

Enfield: First baby beaver born in London in 400 years
Enfield council launched reintroduction programme in 2022 to bring beavers back to the capital.

Billy Connolly had 'serious falls' after balance issues, says wife
The comedian's wife says the issues are the "most significant" symptom of his Parkinson's disease.

Jody Cundy: Learning Strictly Come Dancing routines is taxing
Jody Cundy says the "mental part" of dancing was "getting me".

'Outstanding' prostate cancer trial could change radiotherapy
Experts say the findings could lead to "enormous change" in the way the treatment is delivered.

Motorist fined after dog seen behind wheel of car
Police in Slovakia have fined a man after a dog was pictured in the driving seat of his Skoda.

Driver caught drinking mug of tea on motorway
A tea-drinking motorist is fined £100 after being caught on camera driving on the M6 in Cheshire last year.

US urges Serbia to withdraw troops from Kosovo border as tensions rise
In response to the "current situation", the UK sends troops to join Nato peacekeepers Kfor in Kosovo.

Train strikes set to cause travel disruption
Aslef union members are walking out in a long-running dispute over pay and conditions.

Week in pictures: 23-29 September 2023
A selection of striking images from around the world, taken over the past seven days.

Evergrande: The rise and fall of the property giant's billionaire founder
Hui Ka Yan, the founder of a crisis-hit Chinese property giant, is under police surveillance.

British baked beans become reality after successful Lincolnshire harvest
Scientists have successfully adapted the haricot variety so it can be grown in British soil.

Sycamore Gap: 'We are devastated - it's so sad to see the tree gone'
Members of the public have been sharing memories of the 300-year-old tree in Northumberland, after it was cut down this week.

Ask, Don't Assume: Disability Rights UK deletes ‘misjudged’ post on ads
Disability Rights UK deletes a post which accused the government of "murderous ableist policies".

Hijabs allowed in athletes' village at Paris 2024 - IOC
The IOC say hijabs will be allowed inside the athletes' village at next year's Olympics, despite hosts France banning their team members from wearing them.

Aston Villa women to wear sweat-heavy shirts despite talks with manufacturer Castore
Aston Villa boss says her players have concerns over the club's shirts but will have to wear them for their WSL opener against Manchester United on Sunday.

Woman in £37,000 payout after boss dismissed menopause 'excuses'
Karen Farquharson, 49, was told to "get on with it" after being off work ill due to her symptoms.

Lizzo asks judge to dismiss dancers' harassment allegations
The US singer has lodged her first legal response against harassment claims made by her ex-dancers.

Nottingham University Hospitals Trust failed to send 400,000 letters
A former employee told the BBC there was a lack of responsibility over a new computer system.

Ryder Cup 2023: Key moments as Europe regain trophy in Rome
Watch key moments as Europe regain the Ryder Cup with victory over the United States in Rome.

Arsenal 0-1 Liverpool: Miri Taylor scores winner in Women's Super League shock
Miri Taylor's second-half strike gives Liverpool a surprise 1-0 Women's Super League win at Arsenal in front of 54,115 fans.

Ryder Cup: Rory McIlroy says Joe LaCava row fired up Europe's victory charge
Rory McIlroy says Europe were given "extra fire in their bellies" to seal Ryder Cup victory by the "disrespect" shown by American caddie Joe LaCava.

Nottingham Forest 1-1 Brentford: Nicolas Dominguez's first Forest goal earns 10-man hosts a draw
Ten-man Nottingham Forest fight back from a goal down to draw with Brentford as Nicolas Dominguez's first goal earns the hosts a point.

Energy price cap: What is it and will bills continue to go down?
The price cap which sets typical annual household energy bills is falling slightly from October.

Energy bills: What can I do if I can't afford to pay?
If you're struggling to afford your gas and electricity bills, what options are available?

Energy saving tips: Five ways to cut costs this winter
Energy prices will be lower this coming winter - but you may be able to save even more on your bill.

Rent increases: What you can do about a rise from your landlord
The BBC's Lora Jones tells you four things you can do, if your landlord asks for more money.

Interest rates: How the Bank of England's decision affects you and your money
The Bank of England has held interest rates at 5.25%, bringing a run of 14 consecutive rises to an end.

Five ways to save money on your packed lunch
Grabbing food on the go can be expensive so here are some top tips on making savings at lunchtime.

Food prices: How can I save money on my grocery shop?
The cost-of-living crisis continues to bite. Here are some things that can reduce the impact.

How to get a job: Six expert tips for finding work
There are 10m people out of work in the UK, so if you're searching for a job you're not alone. Here are some tips on how to get started.

What is GDP and how is it measured?
A basic guide to how the economy is measured and why that calculation matters.

What is the UK inflation rate and why is it so high?
The rate at which prices are rising has fallen but remains well above the 2% inflation target.

Debt: What should I pay first and what can I do?
What help and options are available to people struggling with debt repayments?

How to save money even when the budget is tight
The interest paid on savings is better than anything seen for years, so how can you save when bills are rising?

Rent prices: How much have they gone up in your area?
Use our interactive tool to find out what the average rent is in your area.

Cost-of-living payments: Who is getting them and when?
Low-income households, pensioners and some disabled people will get extra help with energy bills.

Cost of living: Five tips when asking for a pay rise
Recruiters, a manager and a workplace psychologist give their advice on how to negotiate for more money.

Renting: What are your rights as a tenant?
With one in five people now renting in the UK, it's important to understand your rights as a tenant.

First time home buyers: How much can I borrow?
With rents rising, more people are crunching the numbers to see if they can afford to buy.

Al Jazeera

UN team in Nagorno-Karabakh, a first in 30 years, as ethnic Armenians flee
The visit marks the first time in about three decades that the international body has gained access to the region.

How will a pro-Russia party winning Slovakia vote affect the Ukraine war?
Ex-PM Robert Fico is set to replace a technocrat government that has been backing Kyiv against the Russian invasion.

At least 13 dead in nightclub fire in Spain’s Murcia
Rescuers searching for people unaccounted for after blaze hits row of nightclubs popular for birthday celebrations.

Why Ramzan Kadyrov’s health does not matter
The regime in Chechnya is resilient enough to survive any change of leadership.

‘Mourning in every street’: A Pakistani city, crushed by a suicide bomb
The suicide bombing killed at least 60 people gathered to celebrate Prophet Muhammad's birthday on Friday.

Afghanistan closes embassy in India citing lack of diplomatic support
The move comes due to lack of support from India and increasingly challenging conditions to operate, the embassy says.

In Nigeria, economic blues dampen patriotism on Independence Day
Nigerians of all ages say they are disillusioned with the country's progress in six decades, so patriotism is waning.

Turkey’s Ankara hit by suicide blast
Suicide blast took place near parliament in Ankara leaving two police officers injured, the interior ministry says.

Unleash bowlers, scrap umpire’s call: Rules cricket needs to change
Free hits, umpire's calls and over limits are among five rules Al Jazeera thinks should be done away with in cricket.

US government shutdown averted. What happens next?
Congress has passed a stopgap measure, but will lawmakers agree on detailed spending bills for the entire fiscal year?

International Coffee Day: Where does your caffeine fix come from?
Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee, producing about one-third of global supply.

Who is Mohamed Muizzu, Maldives’s pro-China president-elect?
The opposition candidate beats the incumbent, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who is considered pro-India.

Attackers carry out blast in the heart of Turkish capital
Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya says one of the two attackers blew himself in front of the ministry building in Ankara.

‘Bugger!’: New Zealand PM gets COVID at critical point in election campaign
Chris Hipkins says he will isolate and try to continue campaign online after testing positive for the virus on Sunday.

Slovakia’s populist party opposed to Ukraine aid wins vote
Left-wing former Prime Minister Robert Fico has promised to end military aid for Ukraine.

Ukraine tempts Western arms producers with plan for ‘large military hub’
Incentives available to partner with Ukrainian manufacturers as Kyiv looks to create 'world class military products'.

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 585
As the war enters its 585th day, these are the main developments.

‘They deserve justice’: Inside the struggle to reform Indonesian football
A year on from the Kanjuruhan stadium disaster, in which 135 people died, could such a tragedy happen again?

Mohamed Muizzu wins Maldives election in victory for pro-China camp
Incumbent Ibrahim Mohamed Solih concedes defeat shortly before midnight after Muizzu wins 54 percent of the vote.

Rescue group decries Libya coastguard ramming into migrant boat
Video from Sea-Watch International shows Libyan coastguards crashing into a dinghy with dozens of migrants on board.

US Congress passes stopgap measure to avert government shutdown
Measure will see US government funded until mid-November, but Ukrainian aid dropped as hard right Republicans dig in.

India receives lowest rains in 5 years, agricultural production to be hit
Rainfall deficit could impact crops such as rice and sugar pushing food inflation amid soaring global food prices.

US government shutdown imminent as lawmakers scramble to reach agreement
The closure of all but critical government services would start on Sunday after midnight (04:00 GMT).

The EU’s extractive trade policies in Tunisia contribute to migration
If the EU really wants to address the 'migration crisis', it needs to rethink how it trades with the rest of the world.

Armenia says more than 100,000 people fled Nagorno-Karabakh
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says exodus amounts to 'ethnic cleansing', a claim Azerbaijan strongly rejects.

Global Times

New museum opening

China-ASEAN Expo to help lift cooperation amid sustained weakness in Western markets

China-Europe Railway Express injects new impetus for world economy, as 77,000 trains operated in a decade

Early realization of easy crossing of Taiwan Straits on high-speed train echoes public demand: official

GT investigates: US scapegoats China for fentanyl crisis but illness rooted in decades of painkiller abuse, FDA-pharmacy collusion

Smart operation

Claim of US, EU firms shifting investment away from China not true: MOFCOM

Film crew asked to leave giant panda base, triggers online anger with uncivilized behavior

Searches for Thai flights, hotels surge after reports of five-month visa-free policy

TikTok officially launches e-commerce services in US despite crackdown

iPhone-15 faces fiercer competition in China as new model under criticism of 'lacking innovation'

China's RRR cuts to release over $68.7b in liquidity to boost economy; move in line with domestic need

Japan's exploiting IAEA's assessment report seriously undermines agency's reputation: Chinese envoy

Deepening mutual understanding between Chinese and Grenadian people through cultural exchanges, educational endeavors

Exclusive: GSI, GDI and other initiatives proposed by Xi based on equality, mutual respect for seeking joint solutions to common problems: Grenadian Foreign Minister

From 'piece of white paper' to 'shining new city': China-Belarus Industrial Park keeps thriving despite geopolitical shock

Presidents of Venezuela, Zambia to visit China as South-South cooperation reaches new height

Ten years on, BRI's birthplace Kazakhstan serves as benchmark for the initiative's win-win cooperation

Experiencing technology

President Xi's visit to Xinjiang region encourages spirit of development, unity and innovation

Representatives from over 90 countries confirm participation in 3rd Belt and Road Forum: FM

Condition for canceling China's anti-dumping tariffs on Australian wine 'not yet ripe'

Trade in Aug beats expectations as economy continues to recover

BRI brings harmony with nature

WHO warns of rising global trend of COVID-19; Chinese expert advocates for increasing stockpile of antiviral medicine

US sports, tech personnel seek China ties while Washington makes emergence of new 'Ping-Pong Diplomacy' difficult

PLA Army's top choppers, drones to debut at upcoming helicopter expo

Japan likely to use ASEAN event for PR stunt; Kishida urged to explain dumping with sincerity, science-based attitude

Huawei Mate 60 Pro draws public closer to China's space communication satellite system

Browsing the wares

Rising shipments

Bank of China opens branch in Saudi Arabia; BRICS members expand use of yuan in cross-border trade

US urged to dump Trump tariffs on China, take substantive moves to maintain stabilizing ties

China's cybersecurity watchdog fines academic database 50m yuan over mishandling of personal information

From 3.5-hour drive to 40-minute ride, GT reporters taste speed, beauty of Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train

China's wisdom, energy, win-win mindset appreciated by Indonesian people, creates model for global cooperation: Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia

Chinese NEV makers shine in Munich, as China surpasses Japan to become the largest auto exporter

36,000 people relocated, schools and public transportation suspended in E.China's Fujian due to heavy rains caused by Typhoon Haikui

Joint operation by China and Myanmar cracks down on 11 telecom fraud dens, catching 269 suspects

Historical moment

Japan's previous water testing 'incomplete, unrepresentative'

Developing countries look to China in push for smaller nuclear reactors

First Zootopia-themed land to debut at Shanghai Disney Resort in late 2023

Crossing the border

'Oppenheimer' gains $32m in Chinese mainland in 6 days, reveals a 'more open-minded society'

'Cunchao' signs MOU with EPL to promote local development through sports

China's top economic planner sets up private economy development bureau to better manage private sector

Commemorating Victory Day

Experts call for long-term, joint seawater monitoring to collect prosecution evidence as radioactive substance detected for first time near Fukushima N-Plant

Typhoon Haikui makes landfall, expected to impact China's southeastern coastal areas