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Situation after the coronavirus crisis: help companies and the self-employed
The respondents of a recent poll also consider unemployment and health care a matter of urgency.

Self-driving vehicles developed in Slovakia. A university joins forces with companies
The project is an opportunity to improve the quality of education and give students hands-on experience.

People will protest against plagiarism in politics
The organisers call on Speaker of Parliament Boris Kollár to step down.

Foreigners can have their say in the future look of Bratislava's iconic old bathhouse
Almost 80 architectural studious from 17 countries enrolled in the competition for refurbishment of the Grössling bathhouse.

Slovakia's 'rare' fascist monuments escape wave of statue removals
As the world takes disputed statues down, locals in Rajec and Čakajovce are not bothered by 'rare' fascist statues.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: 13 new cases confirmed (graphs)
The total number of cases has risen to 1,700.

More hot water for parliament's speaker and an international scandal brewing (news digest)
Read the stories that resonated in the news from Slovakia on the first day of July.

Volkswagen scraps plans in Turkey and might look at Bratislava instead
Reports suggest the German carmaker might widen its production in its plant in Slovakia.

Pressure mounts on parliament's speaker to step down
SaS MPs want Boris Kollár to resign. He has not ruled out leaving the coalition if he is forced to step down from the speaker post.

Alien black pines give way to original nature at Bratislava’s Devínska Kobyla
Planting trees is not always a good idea, say nature conservationists.

Another international scandal? Slovak consulate in St.Petersburg under scrutiny
Slovak consulate issued visa to a Russian citizen later involved in a murder in Berlin.

Short trip from Košice: Cool down near waterfalls
Cascade Hájska valley is part of Slovak Karst National Park.

Meteorologists expect storms in all of Slovakia
First-degree warning valid for all eight regions between 9:00 and 20:00.

Mass events and rules for swimming pools. More measures lifted from July 1
Masks remain obligatory indoors.

Slovaks worked for the state for a record 36 days longer
From every single euro generated in the Slovak economy, the state will take and redistribute 50 cents this year.

Top 10 July events in Slovakia
With events springing up across Slovakia, people should not forget about public health measures over the summer.

Career and employment highlights
These were the trends of the Slovak labour market in the past year.

Lučanský ends in top police post on the last day of school (news digest)
Smoke from the building of the Comenius University in Bratislava calls for people to join protests against plagiarists in politics.

Kollár: Relations with Hungary will be exceptional
Hungarian and Slovak speakers of parliament, László Kövér and Boris Kollár, met in Budapest.

Changes to public transport in Bratislava as summer begins
Some bus routes and bus stops will change as of July 1.

Police raided a social insurer. The intervention could be linked to Kočner
Kočner may have had illegal access to the social insurer's database.

Hossa: The whole changing room knew my problem
Marián Hossa recalls his career and introduction to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Same-sex couples fear holding hands in public in Slovakia
One third of students also claimed that someone stood up for them in school or defended their rights as LGBTI people.

Police chief quits, citing differences with the interior minister
The resignation of Milan Lučanský was expected. The lack of trust between him and the new government is mutual.

Season in the High Tatras in full swing
Boating in Štrbské Pleso is ready, cable cars are operating, hiking trails are open.

Schools around Slovakia wrap up the coronavirus-marked school year today
Parents of school kids who did not return to schools post-COVID are no longer entitled to what is known as the pandemic nursing benefit.

OĽaNO places responsibility on junior partners to deal with plagiarism en masse
The prime minister and MPs of his party do not demand Boris Kollár's resignation, they want to check all academic degrees in the country.

The government’s priority is to keep existing workplaces and create new ones
Employers call for a more flexible Labour Code.

The famous history of Coburg Ironworks to be dusted off
Horehronie villages were booming in the 19th century thanks to the Coburgs.

Thank heavens for Trenčín (from our archive)
The prettiest of Slovakia’s big cities is home to the grandest castle in the country.

Kuciak murder trial continued, Pellegrini introduces new party (news digest)
Your overview of news from June 29, 2020.

Another gloomy prediction: bank analysts expect the economy to contract by 9 percent
Indicators are expected to improve next year.

Top judicial body in Slovakia has new head
Ján Mazák will replace Lenka Praženková, who resigned a week earlier.

Americans in Slovakia: Demonstrations back home even bigger than the civil rights era
Expats say they are ambassadors, willing or unwilling, and they have a responsibility to stand up against racial injustice.

No dress code and innovative recruitment. How HR can inspire others
New award is aimed at appreciating innovative solutions.

A taste of Boris Kollár’s multi-layered graduation cake
The government marks one hundred days amid a plagiarism scandal and the departure of one of its leaders.

Watch a painting change in front of your eyes at Tricklandia in the High Tatras
Slovak artist Miroslav Matuščin is behind the new exhibition.

Former president Andrej Kiska leaves politics
He already withdrew from active political life earlier this year.

Kollár’s party achieves the highest support in polls
Peter Pellegrini's new party would also gain quite a lot of votes.

Warnings against storms issued for all of Slovakia
Areas in central and eastern Slovakia may also struggle with floods.

In the COVID-19 race, the uncertainty is just as stressful as the run
A quantum mechanics principle provides a good summary of 2020 so far.

New tourist attraction in Jelšava, a 7.5-kilometre route for scooters
The route begins in the Hrádok saddle above the town and it leads through a paved forest road.

Folklore is commonly exploited by politics in Slovakia, ethnomusicologist says
Folklore says a lot about us in many regards, Jana Ambrózová has learned as both a folklore enthusiast and researcher of Slovak folk traditions and music.

Findings in Bratislava surprised archeologists: Vydrica disclosed remains of Arsenal
The developer of the new city district is seeking ways to incorporate the basement of the historical structure into their project.

Šariš Castle is restored by original bricking technology
Reconstruction halfway done

Kollár has not satisfied partners, coronavirus numbers up again (news digest)
Read your overview of news from Slovakia.

Kollár won't use his academic title, but won't apologise
Everything was legal, insists parliament's speaker in faces of plagiarism scandal. It's not over yet, his coalition partners say.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: New local epicentre in Čadca
Epidemiologists impose measures, saying they expected case numbers to rise.

Investigative reporter finds a bullet in his mailbox
The Slovak journalist has been working on the team that Kuciak was part of before he was killed.

From manufacturing to something better. Industry 4.0 could redefine Slovakia
Education responding to the labour market and lifelong learning remain keys to success.

The reskilling revolution is a much-needed step forward
The WEF has published almost 100 future jobs with required skills.

Post-coronavirus demand for health workers to grow
ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage 2020 reveals jobs in short supply.

First 100 days of new government marked by the pandemic
Political analysts highlight the unusual communication style of PM Igor Matovič. They are not impressed.

Roundup: Bratislava opens its beach; throwback to the 1955 Spartakiad
Read this week’s overview of culture and travel stories from Slovakia.

Čadca closes schools and sports venues as COVID-19 positive cases are rising (news digest)
Slovak ice hockey player becomes member of the Hockey Hall of Fame and Bratislava changes its budget plans. Your overview of news from June 25.

Social innovations are unknown territory for most
The results of the recent Focus poll for the Pontis Foundation were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The third Slovak to become a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame
Marián Hossa won three Stanley Cups during his career.

‘Jurko the Outlaw’: Slovakia’s first animated feature
The 1977 fairy-tale reworking of outlaw legend Jánošík remains a classic.

This is what we should fear, according to some MPs
Not the global pandemic, nor impending recession.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

L’Italia hub di riferimento per operazioni internazionali contro la ‘ndrangheta
Ha preso il via il progetto “I Can” (Interpol cooperation against ‘Ndrangheta) che vede coinvolti 10 paesi del mondo, oltre all’Italia e all’Interpol. Una [ ... ]

La Germania di Angela Merkel prende la guida dell’UE
La Germania è consapevole delle propria responsabilità verso la UE, dice Merkel. Le 6 priorità della presidenza tedesca “La Germania è consapevole della propria [ ... ]

La lotta delle ideologie secondo Thomas Piketty
“L’intero modello economico deve essere ripensato, in modo più equo e sostenibile dopo la pandemia”, dice Thomas Piketty, intervistato dal Manifesto a proposito del suo nuovo, [ ... ]

Sondaggi: OĽaNO si mantiene al primo posto, Pellegrini sarebbe secondo e Za ľudí non ce la farebbe
Due sondaggi di opinione realizzati in questi giorni confermano il primo posto che il partito OĽaNO del primo ministro Igor Matovič si era guadagnato [ ... ]

Ministero dell’Ambiente: firmato memorandum per la creazione del Parco del Danubio a Bratislava
Il Ministro dell’Ambiente Ján Budaj ha aderito all’iniziativa finalizzata alla realizzazione del Parco del Danubio di Bratislava (Bratislavský Dunajský Park BDP), firmando un memorandum [ ... ]

Dalla Slovacchia 101 milioni di aiuti allo sviluppo. Dovrebbe fare tre volte tanto
Nel 2019 la Slovacchia ha fornito assistenza ufficiale allo sviluppo (APS) per un importo di 101,8 milioni di euro, pari allo 0,11% del Reddito [ ... ]

Min. Esteri, il consolato in Russia avrebbe emesso un visto a persona con documenti falsi
Secondo quanto ha riportato il quotidiano Denník N, nel luglio dello scorso anno una persona che si è spacciata per tale Roman Davydov, russo [ ... ]

Prestiti speciali alle imprese per l’emergenza Covid, accordo siglato finora con tre banche commerciali
Dopo l’accordo già firmato con VÚB Banka, le imprese potranno chiedere prestiti a condizioni speciali per contrastare gli effetti economici della pandemia da Covid-19 anche [ ... ]

Kollár non cede. Il gruppo OĽaNO non lo accusa ma SaS gli chiede un passo indietro
A seguito di un incontro con il presidente del Parlamento Boris Kollár (Sme Rodina) per la sua tesi di laurea presumibilmente copiata, il gruppo [ ... ]

Un “Viaggio in Italia” all’Istituto di Cultura di Praga
Riceviamo dall’Ambasciata d’Italia a Praga e pubblichiamo: Dal 26 giugno e fino al 30 luglio il chiostro dell’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Praga ospita la [ ... ]

Russia: una identità contesa tra Oriente e Occidente
Se la Russia faccia parte o meno del mondo occidentale è una questione che, volenti o nolenti, ha afflitto numerosi intellettuali e osservatori negli [ ... ]

Inquinamento dell’aria, la maggior parte degli Stati UE non è sulla buona strada
La valutazione dei primi programmi nazionali di misure per controllare le emissioni atmosferiche nell’UE rileva la necessità di migliorare l’attuazione delle nuove norme europee in materia [ ... ]

Primi 100 giorni del nuovo governo. Il premier Matovič: ‘penso che abbiamo fatto bene’
Ieri 29 giugno cadevano i classici primi cento giorni del governo del primo ministro Igor Matovič (OĽaNO), termine che impone generalmente una prima valutazione del [ ... ]

IFP: la pandemia farà scendere del 5,6% le entrate fiscali dello Stato
La pandemia di Covid-19 produrrà un calo significativo dell’economia slovacca, che a sua volta provocherà un calo del 5,6% delle entrate fiscali su base [ ... ]

Aggiornamento sugli ingressi in Slovacchia per chi proviene dall’Italia
Riportiamo dal sito dell’Ambasciata d’Italia un aggiornamento odierno sulla situazione relativa agli ingressi in Slovacchia: Si ricorda ai connazionali che, ai sensi delle misure [ ... ]

Il presidente delle forze di polizia Milan Lučanský si dimette: disaccordi col ministro
Dopo giorni che la poltrona del presidente della polizia veniva data a rischio per la volontà della coalizione di governo di fare un cambio di [ ... ]

Aumenta il consumo di energia delle famiglie slovacche. Piccoli accorgimenti per risparmiare sulla bolletta
Negli ultimi dieci anni il consumo di energia da parte delle famiglie slovacche è aumentato notevolmente, con una spesa che rappresenta quasi un quarto [ ... ]

Pellegrini presenta nome e logo del suo nuovo partito
L’ex primo ministro Peter Pellegrini ha presentato il logo del suo nuovo partito, che si chiamerà Hlas-sociálna demokracia (Voce-democrazia sociale). «Abbiamo trascorso lunghe giornate insieme, [ ... ]

L’Ambasciatore Meucci consegna i diplomi di maturità agli studenti del Liceo “Saru” di Bratislava
Riceviamo e pubblichiamo dall’Ambasciata d’Italia a Bratislava Il 29 giugno 2020 l’Ambasciatore d’Italia in Slovacchia Gabriele Meucci ha consegnato i diplomi di maturità ai [ ... ]

La recessione non si risolve, bisogna fare di più sul 2020
Le nuove, peggiori, stime del Fondo monetario internazionale sull’economia mondiale rendono ancora più urgente che i governi europei si mettano d’accordo sul Recovery Fund e [ ... ]