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Slovakia ready to be a partner of the US as Biden is inaugurated
Transatlantic ties highlighted.

News digest: Slovakia will receive more than 4 million vaccines
Schools will continue with distance education. Curfew will be applied on January 25 and 26 too.

More aggressive COVID strain probably dominant in Slovakia. It is not necessarily bad news
Virologists report they have found that the B.1.1.7 strain, first detected in the UK, is dominant in the samples from Trenčín.

I receive more hate mail than I used to, says outgoing transparency watchdog director
Gabriel Šípoš leaves Transparency International Slovakia after 11 years. Slovakia has gone a long way in transparency, he says.

When will I receive my jab?
The Health Ministry has published the details of its vaccination strategy.

A forest guardian wanders through the woods of the Low Tatras
This guardian carries a torch that creates lightning.

Deadline for submitting property taxes approaches
Tax returns can be submitted electronically.

Prosecutor’s office reportedly plans to weaken the department fighting extremism
The proposal has raised several critical reactions.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: 2,484 new cases confirmed (graphs)
The total number of cases has exceeded 228,700.

News digest: Slovakia opens more testing sites
Slovaks smoke less than 10 years ago. Former tennis player who skipped the vaccination line helped at a hospital.

Conservative NGOs received gender equality subsidies despite experts' recommendations
Leaked documents show the recipients of the Labour Ministry’s 2020 subsidies were favoured even though they did not achieve the highest score in the competition.

A Slovak hunted a tiger in Africa and used it for advertisement
He may spend one to five years in prison.

Italian architects to design refurbishing of Bratislava's iconic bathhouse
The historical Grössling complex to acquire new functions.

Journalists' dilemma over the case of the charged Jaroslav Haščák
Investigative reporter Adam Valček writes about what he learned during the Kuciak murder trial and how it applies in the case of the charged co-founder of Penta.

Dairy plant faces high fine after pouring waste into a local river
It will have to pay €135,000.

Unable to book antigen testing in Bratislava? Everyone will get a chance to get tested, municipality promises
The city plans to establish temporary testing points.

Johnson Controls will dismiss hundreds of employees in Bratislava
AT&T will probably dismiss employees, too.

Getting a little stir crazy? Venture to Javor in Banská Bystrica
There are many ways to spend your time during the pandemic, hiking is one of them.

News digest: Slovakia tests en mass and launches vaccination of seniors
Health minister admits resignation if alert system not observed. Slovak diplomat has a new lucrative post.

Political opposition in Russia should not end in custody
Slovak politicians respond to the detention of Alexei Navalny.

Drop in car production lower than expected
Carmakers manufactured 11 percent less cars than in 2019.

A swab instead of a jab. The renamed testing kicked off
The government spent the week deciding about nationwide testing. Lockdown is starting to show in infection numbers, experts say.

The saint under Orava Castle has been restored
Ján Nepomucký, Orava's favorite saint, has often been put up on pillars near the roads.

Travel agencies struggle but expect improvement this year
The pandemic has hit tourism hard.

Home of Slovak Leonardo da Vinci: Smolenice Castle
Wander around a romantic castle, visit the highest peak in the Small Carpathians and taste the "drink of Gods".

The Nitra district reports half the number of positive cases after the second mass testing
The testing also took place in Košice and its surroundings, and Banská Bystrica.

Curfew will be prolonged. Negative test result will be required for work or trips to nature (FAQ)
Here are some of the answers to questions about the ongoing mass testing.

Why Trump's Twitter ban is no censorship
The solution is to force Facebook to regulate their content more — not less.

Leaving home will be nearly impossible without a negative test
Mass testing, which the government has now branded as screening, starts tomorrow.

Cabinet agrees on COVID screening
More details will be presented tomorrow.

The elderly will be given preference. Vaccination strategy changes
Health care facilities can now be fined for undue preferential vaccination.

Invest in Slovakia: Clusters and associations
Practical information from Investment Advisory Guide

Tourists visit Morské Oko in winter. See the lake and surroundings
Popular tourist destination in eastern Slovakia.

Economic restart after COVID-19 should be green
Slovakia’s plan for usage of money from the EU’s Recovery Fund, innovation potential and examples of green solutions of local companies and the challenge of renovating buildings are among the highlights of the latest Business Focus.

News digest: Minister adjusts vaccine expectations, mass testing decision still in the balance
Police investigate reported surveillance of journalist. Wolf will be protected all year long.

The wolf will become a year-long protected animal as law stops trophy-hunters
Quotas for the hunting of wolves used to cause conflicts between ministries every year.

Police investigate surveillance of journalist, IPI calls for utmost seriousness
Police launch criminal prosecution after Denník N reporter said she was followed and opposition MP Robert Fico wrote about her private life.

Fire-damaged façade of Roland’s Palace is almost completely restored
Roland Café will not return.

Roundup: Fairytale app that makes children read
An award-winning design by a Slovak architect and a trip to Zádielska dolina valley. Here’s your latest roundup.

Forced to a halt, ski resorts are now fighting to survive
Due to the virus, the most important part of the winter ski season is over.

Flights to the UK and Ireland will be significantly limited until March
On the other hand, Flydubai launches the flights earlier than scheduled.

News digest: Flights from UK and Ireland still limited, new rules for entering Germany
Bratislava-based company develops a unique PCR test to detect the British strain of coronavirus. Education Ministry has officially confirmed schools will remain closed after January 18.

PCR test for new coronavirus strain made in Slovakia
Bratislava-based company develops a unique PCR test to detect the COVID-19 strain that first appeared in Britain.

Sulík’s party will not leave the coalition despite conflict with PM
Matovič has the right as PM to remove Sulík from office but has not done it so far.

Gov't promised transparency, deputy PM now proposes to curb it
Critics and coalition partners speak up against the proposed revision to the public procurement law, authored by Sme Rodina minister.

Bratislava was nothing like Prague when I first came here
Former Fulbright scholar reminisces about his first introduction to the Slovak capital and shows how much it has changed in one decade.

A Roma man was fined with €500 for not observing anti-pandemic rules, unlike politicians
Ombudswoman Mária Patakyová is already dealing with the case.

Denník N's journalist said to be followed again
The daily claims that Robert Fico has indirectly confirmed it.

Pandemic and migrants put Slovak paramedic's attempt to swim the Strait of Gibraltar on hold
Slovak paramedic Zuzana Jusková is a winter swimmer.

Austria fears new coronavirus strain spreading in Slovakia. Closes some border crossings
Changes apply to the Slovak-Ukrainian border, too.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

COVID-19: sempre alti i contagi, flette il numero di casi attivi
In Slovacchia ieri sono state registrate 2.484 infezioni da COVID-19 sugli oltre 12mila test molecolari effettuati, con una percentuale di positività del 20,5%, e [ ... ]

Mochovce, nuovo prestito da Enel per finire la centrale
Poco prima di Natale 2020, Enel ha raggiunto un accordo su una modifica dell’intesa del 2015 con i cechi di EPH per la cessione [ ... ]

OK dell’UE ad aiuti alle società sportive professionistiche slovacche
È arrivato questa settimana l’ok della Commissione europea a un aiuto proposto dal governo slovacco ai club sportivi del paee in relazione alla pandemia [ ... ]

Il settore sanitario rischia di perdere a breve migliaia di infermieri
La Camera slovacca degli infermieri e delle ostetriche ha lanciato l’allarme per la carenza di operatori nel sistema sanitario slovacco. Ha richiamato l’attenzione sull’invecchiamento [ ... ]

Riconversione Alto Nitra, già partiti progetti per 55 milioni
Nel 2018 l’allora esecutivo di Peter Pellegrini lanciò una iniziativa per la riconversione della regione carbonifera dell’Alto Nitra sostenuta all’interno del piano specifico dell’UE. [ ... ]

Italia, il governo di Conte supera la fiducia, ma di poco
Dopo la crisi provocata da Italia Viva di Matteo Renzi, il primo ministro Conte si è presentato alle camere e ieri sera con 156 [ ... ]

La sfida vinta di Wikipedia
Il ventesimo compleanno di Wikipedia, online dal 15 gennaio 2001, non poteva cadere in un momento migliore (o peggiore, dipende dal punto di vista). [ ... ]

Le teorie QAnon e la debolezza delle democrazie
Cospirazione, complottismo e disinformazione. Partito dagli Stati Uniti il fenomeno sta investendo numerose società occidentali democratiche, a partire dall’Europa. L’Italia conta decine di migliaia [ ... ]

Vaccinazioni anche fuori degli ospedali e multe per chi salta la fila
È stato trasformato in legge lunedì con la firma del capo dello Stato il provvedimento di emergenza del governo approvato la scorsa settimana in [ ... ]

Parte dei giudici si schiera contro la riforma dei tribunali
Poco meno di un quarto dei giudici slovacchi – 320 su un totale di 1.400 – hanno criticato con una lettera aperta alla ministra [ ... ]

Il governo ha rivisto le priorità per le vaccinazioni
Il piano vaccinale redatto dal ministero della Salute e avallato dal governo prevedeva la vaccinazione della popolazione slovacca in quattro fasi. Nella prima la [ ... ]

Il diplomatico slovacco Ján Kubis nuovo inviato ONU in Libia
Il Consiglio di sicurezza dell’ONU ha approvato la nomina di Ján Kubiš come inviato delle Nazioni Unite in Libia, quasi un anno dopo le [ ... ]

Senza test negativo dal 27 gennaio non si potrà uscire di casa
A seguito della decisione presa domenica dal governo, a partire da mercoledì 27 gennaio e almeno fino al 7 febbraio sarà necessario essere in [ ... ]

COVID-19 in Slovacchia, tasso positività scende dopo settimane
Ieri in Slovacchia sono state rilevate 1.909 nuove positività dai tamponi molecolari RT-PCR, pari al 19,45% dei 9.817 esami completati, e altre 4.294 persone [ ... ]

Calano considerevolmente i fumatori in Slovacchia
Il fumo e altre forme di consumo di tabacco sono considerate una delle principali cause di morbilità prevenibile e di mortalità prematura in tutto [ ... ]

L’isola di Procida sarà Capitale italiana della cultura 2022
Da – Procida, l’isola in provincia di Napoli, è la Capitale italiana della cultura 2022. Lo ha comunicato ieri il presidente della giuria Stefano Baia Curioni [ ... ]

Ripasso: la differenza tra i tamponi molecolari e i test antigenici
Mentre in Slovacchia i test antigenici sono stati introdotti mesi fa per fare screening di massa della popolazione, e se ne è parlato parecchio, [ ... ]

Thomas Piketty: una società più uguale è possibile
Thomas Piketty propone una diversa distribuzione dei diritti di proprietà per superare l’attuale sistema capitalistico verso un socialismo partecipativo. Sono proposte concrete per una [ ... ]

Produzione di auto in Slovacchia nel 2020 scesa dell’11%
Le quattro case automobilistiche slovacche lo scorso anno hanno prodotto circa 985.000 veicoli, vale a dire l’11% in meno rispetto al record di 1,1 [ ... ]

Fondi europei, è per strada una nuova semplificazione
I processi relativi al prelievo di denaro dai Fondi strutturali e di investimento europei dovrebbero essere semplificati secondo un emendamento preparato dal ministero degli [ ... ]