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How many jabs in the arms make the vaccine pay off? Finance Ministry shows its numbers
They also calculated the costs of an unvaccinated person for society.

News digest: Most positive cases last week were Delta, ministry redesigns measures
The third wave will concern the vaccinated more than it could have. Police Corps president in hot water over protests. Demänovská Jaskyňa Slobody cave was discovered 100 years ago on this day.

Slovakia's first brass 5-euro coin celebrates honey bees
A special collector coin brings nature and environment in focus.

The third wave may not have concerned the vaccinated - but it will
Sme Rodina insists on using antigen test results as an alternative to vaccination. Epidemiologists thus need to rewrite measures.

Slovakia to get extra €33 million to counter impacts of Brexit
This is €9 million more than originally proposed.

The impact Brexit has on businesses is hard to tell due to the pandemic
Prospective sectors are emobility, intelligent autonomous vehicles and green-tech.

Bratislava struggles with non-development
Tibor Lörincz from Tatra Banka takes a closer look at the particular problem Bratislava is facing when it comes to real estate development.

Investments of Slovak companies and start-ups in space exploration are growing
They would like to see stronger state support.

People do not want to get used to what happened in Bratislava last week, says Šeliga
Police Corps President Peter Kovařík is losing the trust of the coalition partners.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: 41 new cases confirmed (graphs)
The total number of PCR-confirmed cases has exceeded 392,700.

Slovakia gets its first centennial observing station
The Hurbanovo station was founded by Mikuláš Konkoly-Thege.

How a troubled marriage led to a miraculous baroque church
Thousands visit the pilgrimage site in Šaštín-Stráže every year.

News digest: Slovakia wins an unexpected medal during the weekend
Slovakia has three Olympic medals so far. People can register for vaccination lottery. Police ask for videos from last week's protest.

Slovakia and Greece will cooperate on migration-related issues
The bilateral collaboration will include in-field work and the exchange of information and knowledge.

The village of Valaská Belá declares emergency situation after floods
Several municipalities in the Upper Nitra region were flooded on Sunday.

A jab with your groceries? It’s time to make vaccination even easier
The anti-vax louts do not represent the hesitant any more than hooligans represent all football fans.

Registration for vaccination lottery is open
People will be able to win up to €100,000 in weekly drawings.

Under this mediaeval Slovak town lies many ancient cellars
Krupina is honeycombed with underground cavities.

President stresses importance of Roma Holocaust stories, PM advocates for education of young Roma
Several politicians, Roma activists, artists and athletes attended an event commemorating Roma Holocaust Memorial Day.

Now you're a legend, his wife whispered to him. Rory Sabbatini won silver for Slovakia
He is the third-ever foreigner to represent Slovakia at the Olympic games and win medals.

Universities passed pandemic test, but students suffered from lack of contact, massive survey finds
Research shows traineeships and practical education suffered during Covid-19 crisis.

Slovakia wins third Olympic medal, in golf
Rory Sabbatini won silver.

Follow Cyril and Methodius on Europe’s new cultural route
The route was certified by the Council of Europe before the summer.

From the archive: Little Switzerland awaits exploration
Tisovec, a town in central Slovakia, remains undiscovered at large.

A nation in love with conspiracy theories?
You cannot use a pandemic to score political points any more than you can use a tsunami.

News digest: Slovakia gets a silver medal and a new UNESCO site
NCZI will check for vaccination among attendees of Pope-related events. Pro-vaccination gathering planned in Bratislava on Friday evening. Storm warnings this weekend.

Nivy station prepares for opening
The complex combining a bus station and a shopping centre should open by the end of September.

Another UNESCO world heritage site in Slovakia dates back to the Roman Empire
The western part of the Danube Limes is now listed on the World Heritage List.

Slovak Billie Eilish supports LGBTI people on live Polish TV
Sports, travel and culture stories about Slovakia in one place.

Slalom canoeist Grigar wins second medal for Slovakia
He ended second in the men's slalom K-1.

US and Germany made a declaration on Nord Stream 2. Where does it leave Slovakia?
Slovakia’s official position to Nord Stream 2 has gone from slightly critical to silent, analyst says.

Rules for cross-border workers and teenagers remain unchanged
Constitutional Court corrected its decision from earlier this week.

News digest: It's an Olympic gold day for most in Slovakia, protest day for some
Trap shooter Rehák Štefečeková wins her first Olympic gold. Anti-vaxxers block traffic in downtown Bratislava. Slovakia has sold its unused Sputnik V doses.

Volkswagen prepares Bratislava plant for Passat and Superb
Current recruitment of new staff not related to the planned expansion of production.

Adjustments on local level may make all the difference in coping with climate change
You can’t fix the problem if you don’t know what the problem is.

Protesters cause a traffic collapse in downtown Bratislava
Police intervened only in the evening hours.

An ecologic disaster in central Slovakia results in mass death of fish
Hron River polluter can be fined with up to €165,000.

Five beech forests localities in eastern Slovakia entered in the UNESCO list
The extension adds to the outstanding universal value and integrity of the property, which now comprises 94 component parts across 18 countries, UNESCO said.

Golden Zuzana hits nearly anything that moves
Read the story of trap shooter Zuzana Rehák Štefečeková, who won her first Olympic gold in Tokyo.

Slovakia wins its first Olympic gold in Tokyo
Sports shooter Zuzana Rehák Štefečeková broke the world record in the qualification round and won gold in the women’s trap.

Tourists unknowingly report their offences to park rangers
Through social media park rangers can identify a place under protection where a tourist has violated the law.

Rare historical photos uncover the story of Bratislava's Old Market Hall
Bratislava owes its rich market history to its location on the crossroads of ancient trade routes.

Largest war memorial in central Europe with a great view of Bratislava
The monument was unveiled in 1960, marking the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Bratislava.

News digest: Court opposes benefits for semi-vaccinated, again
Third pandemic wave is already here. Slovakia commemorates one of the biggest plane crashes in Czechoslovakia.

Third pandemic wave has already arrived in Slovakia
All of Slovakia’s districts will remain in the green tier from next Monday, though.

Only three survivors. An exhibition remembers one of Czechoslovakia's most tragic plane crashes
The organiser of the exhibition hopes it will help stop the conspiracy theories about the 1976 plane crash on Zlaté Piesky in Bratislava.

Hospitals are ready, ministry says following opposition criticism
Preparation for the third wave is underway, ministry says it is making sure drugs for Covid treatment will be available.

Prešov lures tourists to visit its castles
A guide with information to 20 castles is at people’s disposal.

Court objects to advantages for the partly vaccinated, but no practical changes at borders yet
Constitutional Court suspended currently valid rules for crossing borders for people with just a first shot. Changes will be adopted once the ruling is effective.

Meteorologists warn about heat and storms
Weather warning for Wednesday afternoon.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Il Limes Danubiano è sito Unesco, l’ottavo in Slovacchia
Il sito archeologico transnazionale Confine dell’Impero Romano – Limes Danubiano (parte occidentale) è stato iscritto venerdì 30 luglio nella lista del patrimonio culturale e [ ... ]

Vaccino senza prenotazione e lotteria con premi fino a 100mila euro
A partire da ieri 2 agosto è possiible vaccinarsi in Slovacchia negli ospedali senza registrazione. Una misura pensata per rendere la vaccinazione più semplice [ ... ]

Sarà girato in Slovacchia un nuovo fantasy della Warner Bros.
La casa cinematografica Warner Bros. si appresta a girare un nuovo film fantasy in Slovacchia a partire da settembre. Diverse località sono state scelte [ ... ]

Parte la Corte suprema amministrativa, è il vertice della giustizia amministrativa
Il primo giorno di agosto è divenuta pienamente operativa la Corte suprema amministrativa (Najvyšší správny súd /NSS), un nuovo tribunale di ultima istanza che [ ... ]

Turismo, dalla Cechia migliaia di cancellazioni di vacanze in Slovacchia
Migliaia di turisti cechi starebbero cancellando le loro vacanze già prenotate sulle montagne o nelle terme in Slovacchia a causa delle rigide misure contro [ ... ]

Parma capitale della Cultura si apre al mondo grazie a Google
Arte, musica, cultura del cibo e artigianato. Le bellezze di Parma da oggi sono accessibili a tutti su Google Arts & Culture. La città [ ... ]

Dal 1850 a oggi raddoppiato il tasso di innalzamento del Mediterraneo
Nell’ultimo secolo e mezzo il Mediterraneo si è innalzato di circa 1,25 millimetri l’anno, un tasso più che raddoppiato rispetto agli ultimi 4000 anni. [ ... ]

Overshoot Day: abbiamo già finito le risorse della Terra disponibili per il 2021
Quest’anno il giorno in cui si sono esaurite le risorse del pianeta è caduto il 29 luglio. Quando mancano ancora 5 mesi abbondanti alla [ ... ]

Quarantena per chi entra in Slovacchia con una sola dose di vaccino
La Corte costituzionale slovacca ha pubblicato giovedì 29 luglio la risoluzione con la quale ha sospeso il primo comma del paragrafo 9 del decreto [ ... ]

Medaglia d’argento alla Slovacchia e record olimpico nel golf con Rory Sabbatini
Un’altra medaglia alle Olimpiadi 2020 di Tokyo per la Slovacchia. Questa volta dal golf maschile, in cui Rory Sabbatini ha vinto domenica la medaglia [ ... ]

Il 12% degli slovacchi sono a rischio di povertà
Nel 2020 quasi il 12% della popolazione in Slovacchia aveva un reddito al di sotto della soglia di povertà. Si tratta di circa 615.000 [ ... ]

Sono più di 3.700 i cittadini slovacchi privati del passaporto dal 2010 a oggi
Il ministero degli Interni slovacco ha informato di recente che negli undici anni da quando è entrato in vigore (il 17 luglio 2010) la [ ... ]

Ministero Salute: pronti a terza ondata, abbiamo farmaci e disponibilità negli ospedali
Il ministero della Salute slovacco si sta preparando alla terza ondata della pandemia di coronavirus. In Europa è già in corso una recrudescenza di [ ... ]

Oro per l’Italia nella gara delle gare: Jacobs record nei 100 metri piani
Marcell Jacobs, padre statunitense e madre veneta, ha vinto ieri la medaglia d’oro nella finale dei 100 metri piani alle Olimpiadi di Tokyo, arrivando [ ... ]

50 città del mondo a rischio per il cambiamento climatico
Entro il 2050 due terzi della popolazione mondiale vivranno in città. Uno spostamento che procede al ritmo di 70 milioni di persone all’anno, spesso al di fuori di [ ... ]

Crimea, nuove tensioni tra NATO e Russia nel Mar Nero
L’ennesimo incidente tra forze militari russe e britanniche nel Mar Nero ribadisce ancora una volta come le tensioni tra la Russia e la NATO [ ... ]

Di nuovo il ministero sconsiglia agli slovacchi le vacanze all’estero
Il ministero degli Esteri di nuovo invita i cittadini a pensarci bene prima di viaggiare fuori dalla Slovacchia, visto che al ritorno potrebbero incappare [ ... ]

Proseguono anche oggi le proteste davanti al palazzo presidenziale
Dopo la manifestazione di ieri davanti al palazzo presidenziale, che ha bloccato il traffico della città per molte ore ed è stata sciolta dalla [ ... ]

L’Ambasciatrice Flumiani incontra il presidente dell’Accademia slovacca delle Scienze
L’Ambasciatrice d’Italia Catherine Flumiani ha incontrato ieri il presidente dell’Accademia slovacca delle Scienze (SAV), prof. Pavol Šajgalík. Nel corso dell’incontro presso la sede di [ ... ]

Altre curiosità decisamente da non perdere: L’esperanto degli slavi
Cari lettori e lettrici, continua il nostro viaggio attraverso le curiosità della Slovacchia. Chi si è perso il resto, può cliccare qui. L’esperanto degli [ ... ]