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Coronavirus increases cap for contactless payments
More than doubled limit should only be in effect during the pandemic.

American historian: Our enormous wealth means little without a public health system
This situation can and will be exploited later, and I am afraid of that, says historian from Yale University, Marci Shore.

NASA picks a Slovak picture portraying our loss of stars
A young Slovak photographer had another picture featured as the NASA Astronomic picture of the day.

Europeans can overcome this crisis together
Solidarity in Europe really saves lives.

Kurzarbeit scheme to salvage big employers
Cabinet promises to introduce detailed measures in the following days.

Slovakia has 101 new coronavirus cases
The total number of cases has exceeded 680.

Slump in ads and newsstand sales. Coronavirus impacts media business in Slovakia
Some went out of business, some are reducing salaries. Will the media need state help to keep going?

Good news from Slovakia: Kia donated €200,000 to purchase ventilators
It is the only carmaker in Slovakia currently producing.

What can I do during Easter? (FAQ)
Can I go shopping or refuel in another district? Can a driver not wearing a mask be fined? Find the answers.

Traffic in Bratislava collapsed due to restrictions on movement
Traffic slowed in other regions across the country.

Bratislava launches online guided tours of the capital
Videos are in Slovak but with English subtitles.

Limits on movement become effective, tests developed in Slovakia (news digest)
Ivan Korčok will be appointed the new Foreign Affairs Minister on April 8.

Investigator Mlynarčík, who surveilled Kuciak, was dismissed
The Bratislava Region Police Department initially refused to lay him off.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: Police to fine people for non-essential Easter travels
A new curfew-like measure is in place from April 8 until April 13.

Coach of Slovakia's hockey team gives up on his salary for COVID-19
Craig Ramsey is said to earn €140,000 a season.

Bratislava adopts additional anti-coronavirus measures
City council calls on Bratislavans to avoid crowded places and take only the window seat on public transport.

Foreign medical workers living in Slovakia ready to help with coronavirus crisis
The Health Ministry is looking for a way to engage them. It is one of the ways the government is looking to secure enough health care professionals to walk Slovakia through the crisis.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: Do I really have to stay at home this Easter? (FAQ)
Questions about stricter limits on people's movement during Easter holidays answered.

Reschedule your trip to the stone tomb in Brezová pod Bradlom
Authorities closed it because of many tourists.

Almost half of Slovakia's population afraid of losing their jobs due to the coronavirus
People are looking forward to going out without a mask and to see their friends and family after the coronavirus crisis is over, poll shows.

Economists to government: Yesterday was late, you need to act
Top experts worry the Slovak economy will drop further than the economies of other countries.

Good news from Slovakia: Scientists are developing their own tests
They plan to donate 100,000 tests to the state.

Slovakia has two coronavirus victims (news digest)
The government toughens up measures on the movement of people at its April 6 session.

Which places in Bratislava offer drive-through food?
Check out some tips for more than fast food.

The man who killed Kuciak learns his punishment
The verdict is not valid yet, the prosecutor has appealed.

What Matovič talks about when he talks about a blackout
Slovakia is doing a good job flattening the curve so far, analysts suggest.

Sme daily’s editor-in-chief nominated for prestigious European Press Prize
The laureates will be announced in June.

The sale of certain respirators in Slovakia has been banned
There will be some exceptions.

Domestic coronavirus tests are for sale on the internet
The supplier claims they only need an EU certificate to sell them.

Attackers use latest technologies to trick bank clients for money
Open banking means new opportunities for cyberattackers.

Good news from Slovakia: A private company will produce lung ventilators for hospitals
300 new devices should be delivered by late June.

How we stopped being comrades
Freedom is not a birthright. No generation receives freedom ready-made and perfect: pre-prepared for consumption.

New sampling sites will be raised in front of hospitals in Slovakia
They will not be in front of every facility though.

Digital banking is becoming a reality in Slovakia
The COVID-19 pandemic may push banks to jump more intensively on the digitisation wave.

Castles in the Považie region are empty
Workers are making repairs.

Matovič on the coronavirus map: The atmosphere doesn’t favour more detailed data
A lawyer is critical of the plan to publish the information contained in the coronavirus map.

Testing reaches four digits and aid for business starts (news digest)
Rules for financial aid for businesses, new rules for people arriving in Slovakia and news about testing. Read your overview of news from the weekend.

New coronavirus measures: Mandatory isolation for everybody arriving in Slovakia
The measures will be in place until further notice.

Easter with the coronavirus: Gov't to further limit movement for six days
Meeting relatives and friends is not advised, but outings into nature within one's own district will be allowed.

Businesses can request aid as of Monday
The Labour Ministry has presented a system of aid for entrepreneurs.

What are we willing to give up our privacy for?
Google knows whether you are obeying social distancing guidelines, whether you visited a place where there is a coronavirus outbreak, who you were there with — when — and where you went afterwards.

Photos: Beautiful views from Dievčenská Skala
When the visibility is good, it is possible to observe the High Tatras and Kráľova Hoľa.

Invest in Slovakia: Share of economic activities in regional economies
Practical information from Investment Advisory Guide

Toads migrate to water, their transfer spoiled by coronavirus
They will not receive help for the first time in 15 years.

Stricter abortion rules do not require coalition deal. What is in the coalition agreement?
All but one MP signed the agreement, normally just leaders of coalition parties sign this document.

Number of people tested goes up, state labs are reaching full capacity (news digest)
Testing of people from settlements has started. Read your overview of news from Slovakia from April 3.

Pink flowers of sakura will decorate Bratislava
87 new trees in Bratislava.

Filling the market gap with e-vans
Coronavirus robs as well as creates new opportunities in e-mobility.

Coronavirus puts spotlight on neglected Roma communities
Fears over intense spread in settlements.

Bratislava’s Bronx, Petržalka, developed almost 50 years ago
Read a roundup of travel and culture stories for March 30-April 5.

MPs approve economic measures to help individuals and companies affected by the coronavirus
Check out the changes approved on April 2.

Help homeless people survive hard times
The publisher of the Nota Bene magazine has launched a collection to help people without homes.

Slovakia has five patients recovered from coronavirus (news digest)
Your overview of the coronavirus in Slovakia and other news from politics and business on April 2.

Most companies won't survive the summer without state help
The coronavirus crisis will significantly impact the financial results of companies, the recent AmCham poll showed.

First details on potential postponement of instalments revealed
Limit on contactless payments may change as well.

Good news from Slovakia: STU printed respirators from special material
The respirators designed to be used multiple times.

Meteorologists warn against low temperatures
In some areas the temperatures will drop to -8 degrees Celsius.

Pukanec is home to the largest population of black mulberries
The little-known village of Pukanec has more stories to tell.

Alternative taxi services deliver food instead of people
Coronavirus prevents taxis from taking people, so they are looking for new services.

Slovak National Theatre tickets had been sold out. Now it is losing €100,000 a week
Despite this, the SND wants to see the state help others in need.

Who is Miroslav Lajčák?
Lajčák’s primary diplomatic focus has been in the Balkans.

Who is the man who welcomes visitors to Bratislava's Main Square?
Schöner Náci was a real historical figure.

Why is there no yeast on supermarket shelves in Slovakia?
The tradition of baking with fresh yeast is widespread in Central Europe. Producers pledge the coronavirus-related lack in supplies is temporary.

Via ferrata hikes are closed
Coronavirus is the reason.

PM wants Slovakia to be an island of hope for Europe, carmakers prolong halt (news digest)
Read your overview of news about the coronavirus in Slovakia and other news from politics and business on April 1.

PM Matovič floats the idea of a "blackout" to kill the coronavirus in Slovakia
Not all coalition partners support the idea to switch off everything for a few weeks.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Ingorghi e lunghe colonne con il lockdown pasquale, ritardi nelle forniture di alimentari
Dalla mezzanotte di ieri sono in vigore le nuove norme, molto più restrittive, per gli spostamenti delle persone decise lunedì dal governo. Le disposizioni, [ ... ]

Scienziati slovacchi sviluppano test PCR per la diagnosi di Covid-19
Un team di scienziati slovacchi guidato dalla società slovacca MultiplexDX ha sviluppato tecniche di PCR che aumenteranno in modo significativo il numero di test [ ... ] COVID-19: i pazienti attualmente positivi sono 664, salgono a 16 i guariti
Con ieri i casi di malattia COVID-19 sono saliti a 682, di cui 664 sono gli attualmente positivi. Ieri si è registrato il numero più [ ... ]

Primo ministro ai rappresentanti religiosi: tutti nella stessa barca, credenti e non. Possiamo farcela
Questa mattina il primo ministro Igor Matovič ha ricevuto presso il palazzo del governo i maggiori rappresentanti religiosi della Slovacchia. Sono intervenuti il presidente [ ... ]

Oggi la nomina di Ivan Korčok come nuovo ministro degli Affari esteri ed europei
Oggi la presidenza Zuzana Čaputová ha nominato Ivan Korčok ministro degli Affari esteri ed europei. Fino ad oggi il ministero era stato retto ad [ ... ]

Scusa, ci conosciamo? – Incontri con Marína
Ciao gente, scusate, ci conosciamo? Perdonate la domanda molto comune, ma vorrei che ci conoscessimo meglio, nonostante il fatto che non sarà molto facile, [ ... ]

Matovič, discorso alla nazione: rispettiamo le restrizioni per Pasqua, ce la faremo insieme
Con un discorso al paese in televisione, il primo ministro Igor Matovič ha invitato ieri sera i cittadini a rispettare le misure imposte dal [ ... ]

Papa Francesco: certi discorsi populisti mi ricordano Hitler. La memoria ci aiuterà
Papa Francesco è intervenuto di nuovo sulla crisi mondiale creata dall’emergenza Coronavirus. All’inizio della settimana santa, il Pontefice ha rilasciato una intervista allo scrittore [ ... ]

Cosa succede intanto nel mondo
Stati Uniti Il 7 aprile si sono svolte le primarie democratiche nel Wisconsin, ma per conoscere il nome del vincitore tra Joe Biden e Bernie [ ... ]

Non torniamo alla normalità. La normalità è il problema
Il pericolo principale è pensare al Coronavirus come un fenomeno isolato, senza contesto sociale, economico, culturale. Non c’è normalità a cui tornare quando ciò [ ... ]

Governo: tutti a casa per la settimana Santa. Chiese senza fedeli per Pasqua
Nella seduta ordinaria di ieri, lunedì 6 aprile, il consiglio dei ministri ha deciso di limitare la libera circolazione delle persone durante il periodo [ ... ]

La Slovacchia reintrodurrà da domani i controlli alle frontiere con i paesi Schengen
Come da decisione del consiglio dei ministri nella seduta di ieri, la Slovacchia riprenderà i controlli alle frontiere con Austria, Repubblica Ceca, Ungheria e [ ... ]

Ministero Finanze, le misure anticoronavirus per privati e aziende
I privati persone fisiche saranno in grado di chiedere il rinvio dei pagamenti delle rate di leasing per tre mesi a causa del coronavirus. [ ... ]

75 anni fa la liberazione di Bratislava
In occasione del 75° anniversario della liberazione di Bratislava da parte dell’Armata Rossa, il 4 aprile 1945, si sono svolte cerimonie in maniera dimessa [ ... ] COVID-19: i malati al momento sono 566, due morti e 13 guariti
Ieri sono stati aggiunti 47 nuovi casi positivi di COVID-19, portando i contagi a un totale di 581, di cui gli attualmente positivi sono [ ... ]

Raffaello a 500 anni dalla morte. Le iniziative della Farnesina
Il 6 aprile del 1520 muore a Roma Raffaello Sanzio, uno dei geni del Rinascimento. Nel cinquecentenario dalla morte, in attesa che i luoghi della cultura riaprano [ ... ]

CGIE: Reddito di emergenza per gli italiani all’estero
ROMA – Il Consiglio Generale degli Italiani all’Estero ha elaborato un documento con cui illustra le proposte al Governo italiano per tutelare gli italiani all’estero [ ... ]

Venti libri da leggere assolutamente durante la quarantena
Pile di libri da leggere e a cui poter dedicare tutto il tempo che si vuole, un sogno di molti che adesso si può [ ... ]

Coronavirus, dov’è la responsabilità della Cina
I ritardi e le reticenze di Pechino nel lanciare l’allarme hanno trasformato il nuovo coronavirus in una pandemia. Per il governo la reputazione del [ ... ]

Miroslav Marček condannato a 23 anni per gli omicidi Kuciak, Kušnírová e Molnár
La Corte penale specializzata di Pezinok ha riconosciuto oggi Miroslav Marček colpevole dell’omicidio di Ján Kuciak e Martina Kušnírová, uccisi a colpi di arma da [ ... ]