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The Danube Vlcie Hrdlo Bay in Bratislava

The Danube Vlcie Hrdlo Bay in Bratislava

The photography is from the Danube Vlcie Hrdlo Bay. This view is not very common for photographers, who make Bratislava postcards. Bridges over the Danube river and view from the Danube river to the Bratislava Castle are the most dominant views of the city.

The Eldo Yacht in the Vlcie Hrdlo Bay

The Vlcie Hrdlo Bay is popular among yachtsmen. There are docking facilities, the Club Motor Yacht Service and several restaurants.

Restaurant in the Danube Vlcie Hrdlo Bay
Skate-rollers at the Danube Embankment

Zatoka Vlcie Hrdlo Bay is a good starting point for cyclists and skaters who are fond of cycling along the Danube River. This cycling route on the left side of the Danube seems less overcrowded than cycling and roller skating route starting in Petrzalka suburb on the right bank of Danube and its branches.

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Published: 2006-06-28
Updated: 2006-06-28