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Slovak for you ( 4th edition) - Cover Page

"This reviewed, updated and extended new version of Slovak for You is designed as a university textbook for intensive or regular language courses, as well as for any other Slovak language classes for beginners and intermediate studies. It is designed to enable you to understand and speak the language of Slovakia - a modern country in the heart of Europe. This new edition of the textbook has been revised, updated and extended by two chapters. Included in them are texts concerning healthy lifestyle, natural disasters, cars, traffic and communications in the third millenium. Grammar is extended by two cases, Locative and Dative, and by some word-formative issues."

Two CDs and Slovak for you - Excercise Book for Beginners is available.

More about Slovak for you:

teaches you in a user-friendly way how to master the principal conversational and communicative skills in Slovak on the basis of realistic discourse models

will enable you to read and understand (with the help of a dictionary) current Slovak texts texts in the media correspondence and literature

in texts and exercises presents the basic Slovak vocabulary

is the first textbook that presents Slovak from the perspective of a native speaker of English, based on the findings of contemporary contrastive English-Slovak linguistics

gives clear and systemic explanations of linguistic phenomena and structure, with highlighted basic data and patterns for better orientation and easier remembering

each chapter is accompanied by a vocabulary listing the new words occurring in it

is complete with a Slovak-English dictionary summarizing the words occurring in the textbook

contains an abundance of well-designed exercises providing a variety of linguistic tasks

in texts, dialogs and additional materials presents information about Slovakia, about contemporary life, culture, as well as some historical data

Slovak for you also includes:

Slovak songs (both lyrics and music)

conversion data for measures and weights

a bibliography of selected books on Slovakia and the Slovak language

a number of photographs, pictures and illustrations

Author of the book is PhDr. Ada Bohmerova. She is an Assistant Professor at the Department of English and American Studies at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.

More information:

Slovak Language for Foreigners

Slovak for you - Slovencina pre vas (Textbook, 4th extended edition) - Sold out
Autor: Ada Böhmerová
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Published by: PERFEKT
Edition 4.
Published in 2006.
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