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Sightseeing Cruises on the Danube River

Wellness ship - Patince - the Danube River

The following is a list of sightseeing cruises on the Danube River in area near Slovakia. If you are looking for more information, call phone numbers of cruises providers.

Cruise Hainburg - Devinsky Hrad Castle - Bratislava - Hainburg with Carnuntum Boat


Sundays and during Austrian holidays in May, August and September. From Hainburg to Devin and Bratislava and back.

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Sightseeing cruises Bratislava - Devin - Bratislava April - October 2018

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Bratislava round trip: Sightseeing cruises among five bridges of Bratislava - April - October 2018

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The most beautiful sightseeing cruises are paddling trips.
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To the Danubiana Museum by boat. Historical view of the Gallery
To the Danubiana Museum by boat. Historical view of the Gallery. Author / source: Branislav Bibel.

To Danubiana Museum and to Cilistov by a Boat

From April 28 till October 28, 2018 during weekends and holidays.

The cruise from Bratislava to The Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum and to the Cunovo Dam. A new final stop has been added in 2017: Cilistov.

Cruises start at the Passenger river terminal - Osobny pristav Bratislava, Fajnorovo nabrezie 2.

Orders and rates:
Phone: +421 2 529 32 226

More information:

To the Danubiana Modern Art Museum by boat

Danubiana: Galer(i)a na Dunaji

To Petrzalka

The new Propeler route has not been announced yet.

A passenger boat connected the Danube River borders in Bratislava on May 3, 2014. Free of charge. More information.


Cruises through the ship lock in Gabcikovo

Cruises through the ship lock in Gabcikovo provides the Morava boat.

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Harbor in Patince


Wellness Line is operating in Patince and surroundings.

More information: >>

Sightseeing boat Balu - the Danube River - Sturovo - Esztergom


Sightseeing boat Balu. Cruise takes about 55 minutes. Minimum passengers: 15, maximum: 90. The boat sails to a confluence of the Hron River and the Danube River.

Rates: Childrens age 3 - 13: 3,00 EUR, up to 3 years free.
Adults: 5,00 EUR.

Working: May, June, September – by order or by current timetable.

July, August - daily: 10:00, 11:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00.

Contact: (++421) (915) 709 030.

More information:

Ostrihomska bazilika: Zo Sturova cez Most Marie Valerie

Orth an der Donau - Sightseeing Cruise on the Tschaike Boat Board

Sightseeing Cruise on the Tschaike Boat Board

About one-hour taking cruise on a board of the traditional Danube boat. Cruise starts at the Danube embankment near the Orth an der Donau (in Austria, about 35 kilometers from Bratislava). Tschaike is a replica built by Martin Zoeberl, it is a kind of boat adopted by the Austrians from the Turks after their first invasion and used in Danube battles. With high wooden sides and seats for twenty sweep oars, this vessel takes one back to the very origins of rowing. It is also equipped with an ecologically compatible motor. Visitors can be shuttled to the floating mill situated in the Danube branch.

Tschaike cruises operate from April till October.

More about trip to Orth an der Donau

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