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Slovakia had one of the lowest turnouts in the EU again
But it was much higher than five years ago.

Who are the new Slovak MEPs?
Slovakia will have its first Roma MEP.

The pro-European voice within the V4 is clearest in Slovakia
Slovakia did not favour ruling coalition parties in the EP election.

EP election in Slovakia: Official results confirm the victory of pro-EU forces
Turnout was higher than last year, more than 22 percent of voters cast their ballots.

EP election results: More good news from Slovakia
Slovakia will mark several “firsts” in the next European Parliament.

EP election: Preliminary results show pro-EU forces prevail
Take a look at how people voted for their MEPs around Slovakia.

Is Dumbo popular because we are dumb?
We are increasingly willing to buy the same things over and over again.

The only Oscar-winning Slovak film that was almost not made at all
The Slovak film reminds people how easy it is for totalitarianism to take over, and it was only a conflict between communist leaders that allowed it even to be made. After the Prague Spring, the movie was banned.

Bratislava’s Water Tower has not yet revealed all its secrets
Experts hope to find Celtic remnants below its thus-far examined remains.

Let’s continue talking about murder, not Fico’s media tyranny
This piece is the runner-up for the European Press Prize 2019.

Memorial to Slovak parachute inventor returns to Bratislava Airport
It is part of the new rest zone.

The ice hockey world championship bids farewell to Košice
The final games will be played in Bratislava.

Slovakia has one of the worst climate plans in Europe
The only country with a worse plan is Slovenia.

Bees in southern Slovakia are dying en masse
There may be a lack of honey because of the weather.

People commemorated Henry Acorda in Bratislava
Henry's legacy must be understood as a challenge - to defend ourselves, not to be indifferent and to change society.

Lonely Planet: High Tatras are the best summer destination of Europe
You may never want to come back down to earth.

Cave hidden in a rock
The rock is a remnant of a volcanic eruption.

Meteorologists warn of intensive rain and floods
The warning will be in place until morning of May 23.

Transpetrol restored oil supplies via the Druzhba pipeline
Supplies were halted due to contamination.

Slovakia welcomes the end of fights in Westeros
At the same time, its citizens are not recommended to travel to the country until the political situation stabilises.

Spectacular Slovakia #36: The more underskirts the better
What are the best places to see Slovak folklore?

GoT: How did Slovak V. Furdík become the Night King?
Stuntman Vladimír Furdík played the Night King in the last three seasons of Game of Thrones.

Slovakia is now living with ecological debt
Slovakia reached its Earth Overshoot Day five days earlier than in 2018.

Post Bellum calls on people to defend democracy in the EP elections
The EU is in peril, and people should act responsibly and vote, the organisation said.

Activists stood up for culture and called on the minister to step down
Culture Minister Ľubica Laššáková is incapable of representing culture, protesters claimed.

Acorda case: Justice is not about draconian punishment
Alcohol is not a mitigating circumstance but in this case it resulted in reduced sanity.

He wrote a book on artificial intelligence and it became a bestseller
Futurist Martin Spano does not believe that robots will kill us all.

When catching up with western Europe is no reason to celebrate
The far right is flexing its muscles in this European election.

Copper temple rings were found in a 4,000-year-old grave
Hunters found it by coincidence.

Nurses and midwives awarded
The prestigious White Heart awards were granted on the occasion of International Nurses Day.

The National Security Authority will have a new head
The parliament elected the Authority's deputy head Roman Konečný to take office.

The parliament failed to provide enough candidates for the Constitutional Court judges again
The election of candidates for the Constitutional Court judge becomes a farce.

Slovakia’s ice hockey team said goodbye to Ladislav Nagy
He was one of the last world champions from 2002 to play for the representation.

The parliament only elected three candidates for Constitutional Court judges
MPs still have to elect seven more to submit enough candidates for the president.

Migration dominates disinformation campaign before EP elections in central Europe
Think tank GLOBSEC examined 45 Facebook pages spreading fake news in Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava
Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between May 24 and June 2, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

Slovakia bids farewell to the championship with a victory
The match was the last for Ladislav Nagy, who ends with his representation career.

eKasa: How to get the new cash registers and work with them
The biggest reform since the introduction of cash registers in 1995 is on, do not miss the June 30 deadline to go online.

Jewish prisoners built the Žilina grandstand and it might have saved their lives
Football was organised in death camps: thousands of players, scores, disciplinary boards, referees, uniforms.

Online shopping has moved retail into warehouses
The logistics real estate market prepares for arrival of autonomous vehicles.

Unusual rocky formation looks like it will fall any minute
Geologists do not think the thin connecting area will break in the upcoming centuries.

Is Bratislava's Volkswagen in the game for the production of a new electric car?
The Slovak arm of the German carmaker has refused to comment.

What did Stromček text about with Kočner?
Texts between the ex-general manager of Smer Viktor Stromček and controversial businessman Marian Kočner surfaced on May 16.

Slovakia records the highest number of new HIV cases in history
In total, 102 Slovaks and foreigners living in the country became infected with HIV in 2018.

The Iron Lady of Slovakia
One of Slovakia’s best finance ministers helped prepare Slovakia to join the European Union.

Is Bratislava's parking policy close to a reality?
Some boroughs have approved the regulatory instrument for the launch of the parking policy, some have turned it down.

European court surprised companies. They will have to record overtime
In the case of some jobs, it will be costly and impossible.

Slovakia breaks another unemployment rate record
Pellegrini praised both the government and employees.

Košice hospital patient died after the wrong transfusion
He allegedly received a transfusion from the wrong blood group.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Gli Alti Tatra sono la destinazione ‘Best in Europe 2019’ di Lonely Planet
Il paesaggio degli Alti Tatra è stato scelto per guidare la classifica “Best in Europe 2019” di Lonely Planet dedicata alle migliori destinazioni per [ ... ]

Robot e automazione in uso presso un terzo delle aziende manifatturiere
In Slovacchia in media una azienda su tre del settore manifatturiero (il 30,3%) utilizza robot o tecnologie di automazione, cosa che vale soprattutto nel [ ... ]

Elezioni europee: il voto in Slovacchia è domani, sabato 25 maggio
Tutto pronto in Slovacchia per la giornata elettorale di domani, sabato 25 maggio, per il rinnovo del Parlamento europeo. Gli slovacchi potranno recarsi alle [ ... ]

Omicidio di Henry Acorda, la Procura generale chiede sentenza più severa
L’ufficio del Procuratore generale ha ordinato a un procuratore regionale di Bratislava di presentare ricorso per la sentenza di omicidio preterintenzionale del cittadino filippino [ ... ]

La Sardegna ospite a Poprad del festival VIVA ITALIA 2019
Arte, musica, cultura, gusto, tradizioni. Dal bianco delle spiagge di Gallura al verde dei Monti Tatra. Sarà la Sardegna la protagonista della rassegna Viva Italia, [ ... ]

Premio dell’Unione europea per la Letteratura 2019 alla slovacca Ivana Dobrakovová
La scrittrice slovacca Ivana Dobrakovová è tra i vincitori del Premio dell’Unione europea per la letteratura 2019. Il suo ultimo romanzo, Matky a kamionisti [ ... ]

Bratislava: bimbo muore investito da un treno, la madre in ospedale
Tragedia sui binari, nel tardo pomeriggio di ieri, a Bratislava. A perdere la vita un bambino di appena 5 anni, investito da un treno [ ... ]

Volkswagen dovrebbe fabbricare le sue auto elettriche in Slovacchia
Il gruppo Volkswagen avrebbe deciso di produrre i suoi nuovi modelli di auto elettriche in Slovacchia. Lo ha anticipato la scorsa settimana il quotidiano [ ... ]

Huawei: gli operatori telefonici slovacchi seguono l’evoluzione della situazione
Anche gli operatori slovacchi di telecomunicazioni stanno seguendo con attenzione le misure prese nei confronti del produttore cinese Huawei dall’amministrazione Usa. Per il momento, [ ... ]

In Europa sono rimasti in pochi a voler copiare la Brexit
Di sicuro è l’effetto Brexit. Oggi non si trovano molte figure politiche disposte a fare campagna per uscire dall’Unione europea. Evidentemente lo spettacolo dell’agonia [ ... ]

Il Parlamento è europeo, le leggi elettorali no
Tra il 23 e il 26 maggio si terranno le elezioni per il Parlamento europeo, con regole diverse da paese a paese. Rispetto per [ ... ]

“In gioco futuro di Slovacchia ed Europa”: Kiska invita gli elettori al voto europeo
Con un discorso trasmesso alla nazione dall’emittente televisiva pubblica Radio e televisione della Slovacchia (RTVS), il presidente Andrej Kiska ha invitato ieri sera tutti gli [ ... ]

Overshoot day: da ieri la Slovacchia è in debito ecologico
Da ieri 22 maggio il paese Slovacchia è entrato in fase di debito ecologico per l’anno 2019, superando la quota di risorse naturali sfruttabili [ ... ]

Perde tutti i risparmi sul treno, glieli riportano intatti
Lascia distrattamente sul treno una borsa contenente quasi 62mila euro in contanti e la ritrova. Con il contenuto intatto. Ha dell’incredibile la storia che [ ... ]

Ministri Visegrad: dichiarazione congiunta sul treno V4 ad alta velocità
Martedì a Bratislava i quattro ministri dei Trasporti di Slovacchia, Repubblica Ceca, Ungheria e Polonia hanno firmato una dichiarazione in cui si fissa un [ ... ]

Pellegrini: molti investimenti in ospedali, entro il 2024 il nuovo Rázsochy a Bratislava
Settimana scorsa il primo ministro Peter Pellegrini e la ministra della Salute Andrea Kalavská (entrambi nominati del partito Smer-SD) hanno incontrato i dirigenti degli [ ... ]

Sparatoria a Bratislava, bilancio di un morto e un ferito
Una sparatoria in pieno giorno, a due passi dal dipartimento di polizia. E un bilancio che, in serata, parla di un ferito e un [ ... ]

Il valore della Carta europea dei Diritti fondamentali
La Carta europea dei Diritti fondamentali, approvata dal Parlamento europeo il 14 novembre 2000 e proclamata ufficialmente dal Consiglio europeo di Nizza il 7 [ ... ]

Italia, le previsioni della Commissione europea e il voto
Ue al bivio/A 40anni dalla prima elezione del Parlamento europeo serve capire quali siano le aspettative di crescita dell’Unione. Affinità e divergenze tra i [ ... ]

UE: approvata definitivamente la direttiva contro la plastica monouso
Per il commissario Ue Karmenu Vella «affronterà il 70% dei rifiuti marini, evitando danni ambientali che costerebbero altrimenti 22 miliardi di euro al 2030». [ ... ]