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Today is: 10/20/2017
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- Headlines from Slovakia

Webcams in Slovakia

Slovak Spectator

The economy minister has already replaced its management
Eset protects Chrome users from unwanted software
The Slovak National Party came up with the idea last year
But the Health Ministry claims the patients do not have to fear the changes.
The Bratislava regional authority turned its attention to the Adelais Clinique one year ago, following complaints of health complications by some patients.
Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between October 20 and October 29, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.
Despite a mounting list of scandals Andrej Babiš, the billionaire ex-finance minister of Slovak origin, and his ANO party remain the frontrunners in the Czech Republic’s October 20-21 general election.
Constitutional Court decided in favour of National Memory Institute which included Andrej Babiš in its list of communist secret service confindants.
Open letter of Theresa May to EU citizens in the UK.
Voters’ indifference affects regional votes - Can Slovaks be lured back from Britain? - Petit Press majority owner dies
It is definitely good news that at least one emblematic scandal did not end in vain.
Part of it will be a traditional granary.
The post is very popular on Facebook.
The Defence Ministry considering a change of law.
Entrepreneurs complain that needless bureaucracy discourages them from further investments and growth.
Doctor boasted about slapping a mother-to-be to calm her down, now losing his job.
The case is still not concluded. The Supreme Court will have to deal with the appeal of ex-ministers; the case of embezzlement by the non-licensed banking institution of Jozef Majský has also become protracted.
Eighteen electric buses will be deployed by next June at the latest
The Operalia Banská Bystrica 2017 festival which has changed its date and also moved indoors will be opened by the local State Opera and its Traviata, conducted by Lorenzo Tazzieri.
The amendment should secure greater protection from speculators for farm and forest land .
The adoption of the Kigali amendment to the Montreal Protocol should reduce the global temperature by 0.5 °C.
State administration bodies should observe certain principles when closing deals with lawyers, parliament agreed.
The engineering plant from Krupina, which until recently has been controlled by the Slavia Capital financial group, may be involved in the trade.
The facelift of the underpass crossing should be completed by summer. Fate of nearby Istropolis still not known
The recent Bratislava summit raised some suggestions on solving the problem, but it will be a long process.
The town in western Slovakia ended a project connecting two education paths, offering a route full of sites of interest.
Former construction ministers of the SNS party have received years in prison for the scandal surrounding the infamous bulletin-board tender. The other three defendants, ministry officers, have been acquitted.
The newly set-up committee meant to prepare a law on the more detailed property disclosures of politicians is headed by ex-minister Martin Glváč from Smer, who is refusing to publish details of his assets.
A cross-border bridge connecting these two countries over the Danube River – through the towns of Komárno and Komárom – will fill the gap and insufficient capacity.
The wizard sport, fighting for its status in the real sports world, has won the hearts of some Slovaks.
The country is below the European average in savings but this could change for the better in the future.
The record fraud was based on fictitious high expenses for advertising; they divided the differences among themselves in cash.
The girl with seven names saw the first public execution in Korea aged seven.
Magdaléna Rybáriková improves her position in the WTA ranking.
Some signature codes could potentially be abused, but the Interior Ministry stresses the risk is still only theoretical.
On weekends, the path in the tree-tops causes kilometre-long traffic jams.
The theft in the ammunition depot was not used for arming extremists or terrorism.
The airport prepares several changes for its winter schedule.
The Bratislava-based university ranks among 2.4 % of worldwide best universities, according to the Centre for World University Rankings.
In the Franciscan Square of Bratislava stands a tall Marian column, erected in 1675 at the order of Emperor Leopold I. Marian columns, or plague columns, were built in thanksgiving to the Virgin Mary for averting or ending some kind of disaster, often the plague.
The current old-age pension scheme does not cap retirement age in Slovakia
Companies Inloop, Riešenia, Eset and Aliter Technologies made it to this year’s Deloitte list of the fastest growing companies in central Europe
Slovak consumers are growing economically stronger and will be an important stabilisation factor in the future
A sunny day lured Nitrans to fly their kites of all colours and shapes
The current legislation with severe punishments fulfils neither preventive nor deterrent purposes
Pezinok Castle is being reconstructed, but its winery is still in operation.
The Slovak cabinet plans to persuade its expats living and working in the UK with at least a bachelor degree to return home: a campaign offering specific jobs should help.
In the biggest operation of recent years carried out by several units of armed forces, hundreds of officers raided several companies in four Slovak regions on October 13, while detaining 13 people.
One of the most tragic road accidents in recent years saw seven caregivers and a van driver die in a truck crash.
A major Slovak entrepreneur, Peter Vajda, died in Prague on October 15. He was exceptional for his innate sense of democracy and believing in equal opportunities for all.
One lawyer does not mean all EU lawyers; immigrants attacking a shepherd dog and HAARP causing hurricanes in the US are hoaxes, too.
NATO membership brings solemn responsibilities as well as benefits, especially today, writes US ambassador to Slovakia.
The German minority is aging, and despite efforts, not many young descendants affiliate themselves with their origins.
The traditional feast of jazz music that has also evolved into the weekend to meet among Bratislava locals and visitors has already announced a full programme for the weekend of October 20-22 in the Bratislava Incheba complex.
The idea of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe to emphasise to the impacts of the Reformation.
A jug with coins from the 17th and 18th centuries was buried on a ridge above some caves.
After the change of the administrator, the studies at the school will still be free.
Every blueprint form is original, making them precious.
The civic association named after a local specialty does the utmost for Bratislava citizens to like their city
The festival connecting four Visegrad Countries strives to be a representative anthology of Slovak, Czech, Polish and Hungarian theatre, music and visual art. One of the theatre pieces offered is a performance of traditional Czech humour in the English language.
2017 awards for architecture given.

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