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Greta Thunberg followers in Slovakia say local is important
Slovaks still do not fully understand the threats of climate change. Students from Fridays For Future are trying to change this.

Hauliers block the borders again
They disagree with the proposals submitted by the ministries.

ĽSNS member fined for fascist salute
He is running as a candidate of the far-right ĽSNS in the upcoming parliamentary election.

Bus transport in Banská Bystrica Region having problems
The regional governor called on PM Peter Pellegrini to help. He refused.

Slovaks fall for online shopping at Ikea
The furniture retailer is opening pick-up points across Slovakia.

Competitive BSC industry – competitive country
To elevate the competitiveness of the Slovak economy in the years to come, the modern philosophy of the Labour Code should reflect the social dynamics of the 21st century.

Stalemate after election cannot be ruled out. What would it mean?
President said she would appoint a government with ĽSNS if it had enough support in parliament.

Supreme Court remains without president
The vote was public for the first time.

Slovakia to take measures against the spread of coronavirus
Exercises will take place at airports, border crossings, and hospitals.

Slovakia gets A+ from Standard & Poor’s again
The rating agency pointed to Slovakia’s positive economic growth outlook.

TV Markíza promissory notes antedated, experts said
Another expert pointed to discrepancies in accounting documents of Kočner's firms.

Once upon a time in the east
In which your correspondent is doused in holy water and discusses the economics of collective farming.

Will Tesco in Bratislava’s downtown turn into OD Prešporok?
Foodstuffs will be the main products on offer.

Top 10 February events outside Bratislava
Enjoy Japanese films in Košice, or visit the Orava Castle to win a wedding, plus much more.

Unexpected resignation complicates Hungarian party campaign
A well-performing minister resigned due to an alcohol-induced incident, while Andrej Danko offended the president from his top parliamentary seat.

Banks paid the new bank levy but are ready to challenge it in court
The deadline for payment was January 25.

President: The Holocaust is a tragedy of all of us
The president went on a two-day visit to Jerusalem to mark the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Bojnice Zoo closed due to the avian flu
41 birds have had to be killed due to the avian flu so far.

Poll: Far-right down slightly, OĽaNO jumped the most
President Zuzana Čaputová said she would appoint a government featuring far-right ĽSNS.

Two antelope flown to Indonesia in hardest transport of Košice zoo's history
They boarded in Prague.

Kysuce native’s creative fire fueled by sound and happenstance
Juraj Tkáč did not have a passion for music before he became a full-time chimemaker.

Surrounding view from Turňa castle is magnificent
Look at the castle at sunset.

Indecision ends up a decision of its own
If reasonable people are unwilling to make choices, the Mussolinis, Trumps, Le Pens or Kotlebas of the world sure seem willing to do it for us.

Visit a dominant castle near Piešťany
Volunteers are trying to preserve the castle.

Where in Bratislava is foreign cuisine served?
Gastronomic map as a tool to help migrants and refugees integrate.

Civil society seen as the best cure to safeguard democracy
Relations between NGOs and the state are not defined by mutual trust.

Free society: A strong government, businesses, but also a functioning civil society
Co-CEO of the Pontis Foundation Michal Kišša talks about Pontis' projects and more.

Glossary: Civil society exists regardless of the regime
Spectator College provides readers who are trying to improve their English with glossaries of useful and frequently used words and expressions published as part of the Spectator College.

Mental health not seen as a priority by the state
IPčko needs more funds to run helplines for young people.

New flats are lacking. Should Bratislava prepare for a crisis scenario?
Red tape and resistance to developers have dried the supply of new flats.

Winter views from Lomnický Peak
Sunny weather offers beautiful views.

Strong enough to rule? Doubts over prospects for opposition stability
Slovakia’s history shows parties have been able to overcome their differences to take power.

Tax havens attract a record number of Slovak firms
They prefer the USA to Cyprus.

Slovak passport ranked one of the world’s most powerful
Slovaks can travel without visa requirements to 181 countries.

Gatherings will remember two years since the murders of Ján and Martina
Slovaks will walk gather in squares a week before elections, on February 21.

Slovakia still does not punish politicians for corruption
The country dropped in the Corruption Perception Index.

Various holiday destinations in one place. Bratislava hosts the biggest travel fair
Nearly 350 exhibitors from Slovakia and abroad came to Incheba.

Environment minister resigns after a fight
László Sólymos resigned after a January 22 incident in a Bratislava restaurant.

Slovakia falls in the innovation index
The country placed the worst in the V4 region.

This election will be about extremism
The stakes are high, times have changed, but ruling politicians are using the same, failed playbook.

President: Coordination between the police and prosecutor’s office failed
Čaputová met Police Corps President Lučanský and GP Čižnár over Trnka’s dropped charges.

Thousands of Slovaks abroad to vote in the 2020 elections
The Interior Ministry registered more than 55,000 requests.

Emergency declared due to toxic waste in eastern Slovakia
Nothing has been done for decades to dispose of toxic barrels.

Ex-spy who spied on Kuciak: I thought I was working for the state
In court, Miroslav Kriak, who surveilled journalists for Peter Tóth, listed the names of journalists he was assigned to follow.

Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava
Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between January 24 and February 2, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

Court: Threema legally obtained
Meanwhile, a prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office charged Alena Zsuzsová with ordering another murder.

Bratislava airport will offer new destination in Russia
Planes operated by Wizz Air will fly to Russia four times a week.

Documentary made by Slovak director will be screened at Berlinale
How would the world look if people did not dominate anymore?

Danko said he doesn’t respect the president. He shouldn’t be drinking, opposition replied
The speaker of parliament had several "moments" during the last parliamentary session.

Prognoses failed. What makes people vote the far-right ĽSNS?
Many voters believe ĽSNS chair Marian Kotleba's rhetoric.

The first night train from Vienna has arrived in Brussels
The connection will link Belgium with central Europe.

UPDATED: Charges against ex-general prosecutor Trnka dropped
General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár will check the prosecutor’s steps.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

In autunno la revisione del Registro delle imprese, via le ditte inattive
Nel prossimo autunno il ministero della Giustizia slovacco prevede una prevista revisione del Registro delle imprese. L’intenzione è di rimuovere le società inattive, che [ ... ]

Slovacchi all’estero, qualcuno ha ricevuto un plico elettorale sbagliato
Il ministero degli Interni ha informato nei giorni scorsi di avere ricevuto la registrazione di 55.117 elettori che hanno chiesto di votare per posta [ ... ]

Sondaggio Focus: l’opposizione sarebbe in grado di fare un governo
Condotto tra il 15 e il 22 gennaio, l’ultimo sondaggio dell’agenzia Focus conferma per il più grande partito di governo Smer-SD la vittoria con [ ... ]

L’anno scorso in Slovacchia 59 fusioni e acquisizioni per un valore di 1,3 miliardi
Nel corso del 2019 gli investitori stranieri hanno realizzato in Slovacchia un numero record di 59 fusioni e acquisizioni per 1,3 miliardi di euro [ ... ]

Volkswagen: vendite in calo, produzione sospesa due giorni a febbraio
Lo stabilimento Volkswagen di Bratislava, che per Natale aveva chiuso l’impianto per 3 settimane, interromperà di nuovo la produzione per due giorni all’inizio di [ ... ]

In febbraio un secondo round di sovvenzioni per punti ricarica per auto elettriche
Il ministero dell’Economia slovacco intende lanciare una seconda serie di sussidi per le stazioni di ricarica per auto elettriche entro la fine di febbraio. [ ... ]

E Brexit sia: la Regina e poi il Consiglio dell’UE firmano la legge sull’accordo di recesso
Ora manca solo il voto, puramente simbolico, del Parlamento europeo. Brexit. E’ finita così, con l’impotente regina che firma una legge e la Gran [ ... ]

Un video di Nature spiega tutto ciò che serve sapere sul coronavirus cinese
Lo hanno battezzato 2019 n-Cov, contrazione di nuovo coronavirus, e finora è stato letale per 81 persone, anche se potrebbe averne infettate oltre 3mila. L’agente patogeno che ha [ ... ]

Memoria e memorie: perché non accada mai più
Episodi di antisemitismo – omicidi, aggressioni fisiche, insulti e minacce nei media, profanazioni di luoghi di culto e cimiteri ebraici – segnano un risorgere preoccupante in [ ... ]

SPECIALE: la Sardegna di scena a ITF SLOVAKIATOUR 2020
Quest’anno di scena la Sardegna a ITF SLOVAKIATOUR. La comunità italiana in Slovacchia per il 2020 avrà un evento da ricordare, per i visitatori della [ ... ]

Raffaele Ciaravola, Business Aviation Manager aeroporto di Alghero
Raffaele Ciaravola, Business Aviation Manager (direttore sviluppo) dell’aeroporto di Alghero, molto contento dei risultati ottenuti per i collegamenti da quest’aerea geografica del Centro Europa [ ... ]

Territorio di Dorgali e Cala Gonone
Per il territorio di Dorgali e Cala Gonone presenti a ITF Slovakiatour 2020 l’Assessore Carta Brocca (con deleghe a Turismo, Cultura e Sport) e [ ... ]

Danubius Gastro 2020: l’Italia presente con FOCUS EXPORT
Contemporaneamente a ITF Slovakiatour, si è svolta nei giorni scorsi la tradizionale fiera dell’enogatronomia Danubius Gastro, che a nostro parere è sempre meno frequentata [ ... ]

Corruzione, la Slovacchia arretra di due posizioni nel 2019
Nel rapporto globale sulla percezione di corruzione stilata da Transparency International la Slovacchia perde due posizioni rispetto all’anno precedente. Secondo l’Ong nel paese non [ ... ]

Nel 2019 all’aeroporto di Bratislava 2,29 milioni di passeggeri
Lo scorso anno l’aeroporto M.R. Štefánik di Bratislava, il più grande scalo slovacco, ha ospitato 2.290.242 passeggeri. Si tratta di un numero appena inferiore [ ... ]

Si dimette il ministro Sólymos dopo un arresto per ubriachezza e danneggiamenti
Il ministro dell’Ambiente László Sólymos (Most-Hid) ha annunciato le sue dimissioni dopo essere stato arrestato per ubriachezza. Mercoledì sera Sólymos e suo fratello sono stati [ ... ]

NAKA: identificato chi scrisse saluto nazista su lapide ebraica a Giraltovce
A pochi giorni dalla Giornata della memoria, che segna quest’anno il 75° anniversario della scoperta – il 27 gennaio 1945 – del lager di [ ... ]

Cresce rapidamente il numero di lavoratori stranieri in Slovacchia
Secondo le statistiche dell’Ufficio centrale per il lavoro, in Slovacchia il numero di stranieri impiegati aumenta di anno in anno. Alla fine del 2019 [ ... ]

Sondaggio: 6 slovacchi su 10 vieterebbero la catena per i cani
Secondo un sondaggio svolto a dicembre da Focus per un’organizzazione animalista, tenere un cane alla catena dovrebbe essere proibito assolutamente dal 30,5% degli slovacchi, [ ... ]

Europa centro-orientale, la frustazione di chi ha dovuto imitare
Nel recente saggio The light that failed. A reckoning (Allen Lane, 2019, 256 pp.) i politologi Ivan Kraestev e Stephen Holmes hanno cercato di spiegare i [ ... ]