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Today is: 11/21/2017
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- Headlines from Slovakia

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The smallest national park in Slovakia was officially opened in 1967.
The official outfit for Slovak athletes at the Pyongyang Olympic Games has been presented; the Slovak Olympic Committee (SOV) is not satisfied.
Villages in the Žitný Ostrov area may find a transportation solution in a new road under the feed channel.
The French carmaker re-evaluated original plans and announced it will produce electric motors in its Slovak plant.
Incumbent Košice Mayor Richard Raši claims that not all votes for him have been counted.
Are robots really taking over? What are the benefits and what are the risks?
The Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism analysed the information war in the Visegrad Group countries.
But his party can still bounce back if they do the things that make parties resilient.
Fraudulent mergers were a legal business model enabling unfair businesses to get rid of debts
The new routes will be launched next year
Labour market experts call for more attention to be paid to lack of qualified labour
The Slovak capital finished fourth in first round of vote for the seat of the prestigious European Medicines Agency
The film, which has been nominated to represent Slovakia at the Oscars, has had a successful festival life from the very beginning, as this is already the third award.
Former Foreign Ministry employee Zuzana Hlávková decried allegedly shady purchases at the Foreign Affairs Ministry one year ago
The Association of Road Transport Operators of the Slovak Republic claim a shell company via which a Belgian entrepreneur hires drivers from eastern Europe is behind the case
People may be able to recognise Slovakia’s neighbouring countries through associations with food, drinks, beautiful cities or well-known political events. But Slovakia remains very much "hidden".
The prizes awarded to Czech and Slovaks whose lives were impacted by totalitarian regimes and non-democracy were given at a ceremony in the Prague National Theatre.
Slovak-Polish cooperation will lead to a micro-museum with dozens of wooden church replicas.
The My Sme Les (We Are Wood) initiative was signed by more than 25,000 people
State company revokes promise of container terminal near Nitra, much needed by car maker Jaguar Land Rover.
The windstorm damaged 12,000 hectares of woods on November 19, 2004.
Environmentalist and documentary film-maker Erik Baláž awarded White Crow for fighting for the survival of the Tichá and Kôprová valleys
The tenth year of the White Crow award, celebrating young people and activists who break prejudices and go against the tide.
Researching under the transport infrastructure for future Jaguar Land Rover reveals new archaeological secrets.
What does the defeat in regional elections mean for the future of Slovakia’s strongest party?
But the differences are still lower than in most EU countries.
But not everybody is satisfied with some of the latest changes.
Ready for snow and ice? Here are some tips that will make your winter trip to the Slovak mountains the coolest yet.
It’s not that I thought sexually harassing women was okay, it’s more that I accepted that was just part of how things worked. Unfortunate, yes, but also standard.
Bear killed female elk.
Bats are closer to people than we realize.
The experts are ready to monitor projects linked to state IT from the very beginning.
Several events mark the 28th anniversary of the November protests.
Orange has already clinched strategic partnerships on collaboration with NOKIA and Ericsson
Parliament will discuss surcharges and other work-related measures from the social package at its next session
Kiska responded by saying that he understands Fico’s frustration after regional election loss
After the revolution in 1989 the number of people participating in elections fell from 99 percent to around 60 percent.
The tour around Small Carpathian cellars offers not only wine tasting, but also a rich additional programme.
The accused group members can spend up to 12 years in prison.
While the speaker of parliament spoke in Moscow, President Kiska delivered a speech in the European Parliament. Lajčák says both should have consulted him.
Existuje milión spôsobov, ako napísať perex a toto je jeden z nich.
Chinese could produce e-cars in Slovakia - PM Robert Fico does not see election defeat - Poliačik leaves the strongest opposition party
Officially, the number of forests in Slovakia keeps growing but satellite shots of the national parks evoke horrors.
The centre is the largest and one of Amazon’s most technologically advanced ones
The police seized pictures of underage girls and also a weapon while searching his premises.
The Defence Ministry wants most of the new vehicles to be produced by Slovak companies.
The opposition seeks to oust Kaliňák, as his ministry must pay fines amounting to €10-million for botched public procurement.
The list of land plots with “significant investment” certificates for VW Slovakia has been expanded.
The Ars Poetica 2017 festival offers foreign guests as well as local bards, with authors from the UK, Australia/Greece and Nigeria among them.
Several ski resorts have already started artificial snowmaking in mid-November although the real start of ski season is expected by mid-December.
The 1989 revolution, which toppled communism in Czechoslovakia, is perceived positively by 53 percent of people, while 19 percent see it negatively, according to a poll.
An expanding company, a producer for the automotive industry, invests €17 million in the Levice-Géňa industrial park while offering 750 jobs.
In the city of Žilina, vehicles were stopped with dozens of illegally transported Iraqi, Iranian and Syrian nationals.
SAV’s special programme effectively lures researchers from abroad to Slovakia, both expats and foreigners.
Growth is expected to continue in following quarters.
Other deputy chairs reportedly said they would also resign due to regional election results.
Andrej Kiska was critical of the non-disclosure of the information about the planned purchase of armoured vehicles.
The Tuesday friendly match in Trnava meant a farewell to Slovak centre-back, Ján Ďurica, who ended his national team career with his 91st match.
The project involving more than 36,000 students at 500 schools of all grades and levels started on November 13.
Free language courses available for foreigners living in the capital.
An example of a young participant in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme who was left nearly blind shows how one can push their limits.
Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between November 17 and November 26, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

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