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Today is: 2/25/2017
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- Headlines from Slovakia

Webcams in Slovakia

Slovak Spectator

Marek Stolarčík from Kežmarok filmed unique video.
The programme in the bar will focus on retro and oldies.
It seems to be the fate of military sites and objects in Bratislava that none of them were ever used for the purposes they were built for - cavernas from WWI, bunkers from WWII, nuclear shelters or the anti-aircraft missile base from the Cold War could never test their prowess.
It was once notorious for its drab tower blocks and urban crime, but Petržalka now epitomises modern Slovakia.
Not our problem, say police, who blame ‘cultural specifics’ and ‘habits’ of foreigners.
“I have not studied it, but I think if you did not pay invoices (in the past) society expelled you.”
Government greenlights investment stimuli for four projects.
One limiting factor is the lack of money for a more rapid construction of roads.
President Andrej Kiska returns two amendments about regional elections for re-negotiations, informed the SME daily.
This issue will be part of settling the relationship between the EU and Great Britain.
Video speculates about what would have happened if Slovaks had stood up against Adolf Hitler.
Tips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between February 27 and March 5, including folklore, traditional Carnival events, visual theatre, exhibition/art performance, a Nordic cultural festival, a lot of music, and more.
Mihál says that it is Sulík, the man whom his political opponents mocked for having a calculator for a brain, who “is pulling the party out of liberal waters and towards somewhere completely different”.
An overview of hoaxes that have appeared in the past few weeks
Most people are unaware that buying too many clothes too harms the environment.
Cookies, lipstick, shampoo, margarine, chocolate, soap, toothpaste, and even biodiesel. We are all likely to have used palm oil because many products we use and eat contain it. There is a controversy about palm oil, however, that has stirred up a debate.
Spectator College provides readers of The Slovak Spectator who are trying to improve their English with glossaries of useful and frequently used words and expressions from stories published as part of the Spectator College as well as in the rest of the newspaper.
In exercise for this topic we focus on skill: Presentations.
The organization's report also points to Fico and anti-migrant rhetoric.
The civic sector will be able to supervise more effectively the implementation and use of European-Union funds, also thanks to extra state funding.
Had the general election taken place in mid-February, the opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) would place second, and the now extra-parliamentary KDH would get nine seats.
The people who murdered a bachelor in order to acquire his family house got their extraordinary sentences – for 25 years – confirmed by the Supreme Court. Included in the confirmation is a woman who was involved in the “property gang”.
New law ambiguous as to who is eligible for their children to go into day care centres, whether private or public.
In January, ornithologists counted red kites, eastern imperial eagles, white-tailed eagles and saker falcons.
Changes are necessary as some of the originally considered plots will not be needed.
The recent report highlights Slovakia’s economic development. The country however still lags behind in several areas affecting people’s lives.
Slovakia will increase expenditure with neither spheres nor target countries changing substantially.
The action plans approved by government for 2016-2018 aim for better financial literacy, Roma children studying at common elementary schools and also fewer long-term unemployed.
Although President Andrej Kiska repeatedly refused to ink the amendment to the law on religious freedom and the status of religious communities, it will become valid as of March 1.
Some observers believe the video might lead to increasing security risks for Slovakia.
Slovakia has provided more than €10 million to the Kenyan people since 2005.
Any changes should be discussed by experts in advance, the ministry says.
The increase was impacted by the security situation in the world and as well as the Slovak EU presidency.
Several flaws have arisen from the agreement signed with the energy regulator.
Trade unions have asked for a higher increase in salaries and are ready to strike.
The Interior Ministry allocated €10 million for the project.
Tips for performances and other events in the capital between February 24 and March 5, including concerts, workshops, paintball battle, trade show, exhibitions and more.
The UK has no intention of undermining the stability of the EU, nor do we want to become more distant to our European neighbours, including those here in Slovakia, the ambassador writes.
To maintain the competitiveness, the Slovak government must support digitising the economy and take a positive stance towards the ICT sector, according to experts.
Slovaks consider having their property one of the biggest certainties.
The ruling coalition will also confirm plans to create an energy holding.
The state-run freight carrier Cargo did not succeed in its bid, but is still discussing the distribution of suborders with the German firm.
The number of respondents willing to replace democracy is lower than last November.
The recently passed law, clamping down on puppy farms will have serious consequences for honest dog breeders and state employees.
Former head of the Slovak National Party (SNS), gets a stricter although still conditional sentence, for drunk driving from the appellate court.
Their task will be to check vessels in the sea to curtail human smuggling.
Four companies want to invest altogether €88.5 million in Slovakia.
Scrutiny follows media report by Serbian journalist concerning conditions in a Galanta-based plant.
Behind his decision is disagreement with the stances of party chair Richard Sulík.
The presidency will also be scrutinised by state auditors.
Internet bookstores have recorded an increased interest in books exploring totalitarian regimes, including demanding theoretical works.
The growing economy and falling unemployment rate create a good environment for the growth of companies already established in Slovakia, but also for the arrival of new ones.
The region is in the focus of big real estate firms, which may contribute to an increase in foreign investments in near future.
Positive development of Slovakia’s economy seen behind the decrease.
The embassy has progressed in finding a new site for relocation.
2016 was a successful year for the EIB Group in Slovakia, said EIB Vice-President Vazil Hudák.
Transpetrol wants to invest €40 million into two new tanks.
Seventeen councillors do not agree with total prohibition of gambling in the capital, they want to continue in its strict regulation.
The film Little Harbour that won the Generation Kplus section – beating movies from many other countries - is the work of (mostly) Slovak women.
The opposition party has objected to news in some Russian media stating that it supports the departure of Slovakia from the EU, i.e. Slexit.
The man who advised politicians and even presidents Gerald Ford and James Carter died on February 17, aged 83.
NGOs and international organisations offered a specialised programme to trafficking victims; most women came from the Košice Region, most men from the Banská Bystrica Region.
Money is missing to finish the section of highway between Žilina and Poland, stopping the completion of the D3 highway project.
In the past, the area between the modern-day Slavín monument and Palisády neighbourhood was composed of vast vineyards.
Only 134 homeowners in the first round and 62 in the second applied for a subsidy via the insulation programme.
Practice shows that municipalities will require investors to pay the fee for development from their own budgets and at the same time to also cover the so-called induced investments.
Slovakia witnessed the lowest number of launched public competitions and expected investments since 2012.
The Oravský Castle was the most visited castle in 2016.

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