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The Most Beautiful Street in Bratislava

Karloveske Rameno Branch
Karloveske Rameno Branch.

By some opinion the Karloveske Rameno branch is the most beautiful street in Bratislava. You can meet there: Beavers, jackdaws, and kayaks and canoes...

Tatran boathouse during floods in 2013, The Danube River, Bratislava

Only a few centimeres of fences defended boathouses in Karloveska Zatoka Bay against mighty Danube River.

Karloveske Rameno Branch
Karloveske Rameno Branch.

Soon after floods the whole branch is navigable by canoes. Later, during Summer months, there are parts of the branch usually where you have to step into the water to overcame some parts of the branch on your tour from Karloveska Zatoka Bay to beginning of the branch.

On the Danube River near Devin

We hope there will be enough, and not too much water, on the Danube River after May - June floods in 2013.

Vlado Bibel, picture No.2 Brano Bibel

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Karloveske rameno a dunajsky expres

Encounter with a Beaver in Karloveske Rameno Branch

Published: 2013-06-18
Updated: 2013-06-18

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